AOL Problems!

  Mr Choons 22:01 22 Jan 2008

Hello all

This is my virgin post on this site!

In the last few days I've started experiencing problems with AOL 9.0/IE7. First, I noticed that the welcome page which automatically appears when you sign on to AOL looked odd - lots of white gaps between sections, not all in the one view.

I then couldn't log on to a Https site that I regularly use to access my work network. Other Https sites seem to work, but not this one. It works when I access it via a different PC.

Thought I would go to AOL Help to try and get some assistance. None of the AOL Help pages load up! If I click on Help or anything related to Help, it just loads up the blue/white page but with no text!

I'm out of ideas - can anyone help?!


Mr C

  RobCharles1981 22:25 22 Jan 2008

Life would be so much easier if you didn't have AOL Software installed on your computer, if you have a Router why don't you connect via that instead??

  Mr Choons 22:42 22 Jan 2008


Feeling brian dead at the moment. Could you explain how I do that?

My service provider is AOL and I use a wirless router from Netgear.


Mr C

  provider 2 22:50 22 Jan 2008

I`m on AOL 9.0 and IE 7 without the problems you describe.
You are on XP and not Vista, are you? If not, then you will need AOL 9.0 VR, with Vista, I mean.

Whether this is at the route of your problem, I don`t know. The other thing is: have you had any updates from AOL recently? Did you let them install without interruption?

You could always try the old uninstall/re-install of AOL to see if that sorts the problem.

  RobCharles1981 22:58 22 Jan 2008

Mr Choons

I'm with AOL Also,

You just need to goto your Add/Remove programs and uninstall all of AOL there AOL can be a pain to move off but use ccleaner to get rid of any traces.

To get your router setup properly with aol goto your browser and type in and it brings you to the setup page.

1. Start a browser, and type in the address box.
2. Click Setup > Basic Settings.
3. Under "Does Your Internet Connection Require a Login?" select Yes. A new item "Internet Service Provider" appears on the page.
4. Select Other in the pull down. If it appears, you may select PPPoE instead, if you use it. DO NOT SELECT AOL!
5. For "Login", enter an AOL account username followed by E.g., The login name and password must both be lowercase!
6. For "Password", enter the AOL password for this account.

  Mr Choons 23:23 22 Jan 2008

What's the best way to uninstall/reinstall without losing all my old e-mails & favourites?

I've backed up my personal filing cabinet.

  mymate 09:20 23 Jan 2008

You can still get your email by just going into Aol home page from Firefox. Just sign into your Aol email account from that page. I dont know about favourites as i never had any favorites on Aol.

  provider 2 12:17 23 Jan 2008
  Mr Choons 20:00 24 Jan 2008

Provider 2

Thanks for the link. Unfortunately one of the problems I am experiencing is that none of the AOL Help pages load up. If I click on Help or anything related to Help, it just loads up the blue/white page but with no text!

This is getting seriously frustrating!

  mrwoowoo 21:47 24 Jan 2008

If you have a router or router/modem just click on IE7 to access the net.
Can you try right clicking on your aol icon in the system tray and choose a one click fix that is relevant to your problem.

  K_elt 21:54 24 Jan 2008

You can also access aol email from Outlook by setting up imap connection to have your email available from Outlook.

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