AOL Parental Control Block MSN Messenger, Why??

  laurieballard 19:38 09 Mar 2006

I have AOL broadband and want to filter what my kids are allowed to view on the internet. I have enabled the parental control which are fantastic but i want to allow them to use msn messenger however the parental control do not allow messenger to connect. I have changed all the settings possible and even gave them 18+ accounds to see if it made a difference but nothing seems to work. Only if i sign into the master account can i access msn messenger.

Any ideas would be appreciated



  john-232317 20:12 09 Mar 2006

Why dont you switch off parental control and let the kids know the groundrules and trust them ?

  phil46 20:13 09 Mar 2006

In my view there is to many porn pop-ups and other shaddy pop-up adds,i kicked it to hell out
of my computer,but thats me i'm the 60+ club.

  Jackcoms 20:33 09 Mar 2006

"In my view there is to many porn pop-ups and other shaddy pop-up adds"

So install a pop-up blocker.

  phil46 20:40 09 Mar 2006

I have all that is required todo just that,this happened to me on Windows install when your setting up your system.

  mammak 20:44 09 Mar 2006

what age are your kids? it sounds like AOL is doing its job a good thing now adays,
I for one agree with phil46 I am 44 and would'nt have it on my computer and sure as night is day would'nt want my kids to use it, Jackcoms with respect a popup blocker is not going to safe guard children on the internet.

  Jak_1 20:51 09 Mar 2006

AOL block msn because there are a lot of shady people on msn! If you are not wanting to chat to every man and his dog try using Hamachi as an alternative to msn. click here . That way you can set up your own network of friends or family, you conrol the network to a good degree and it is encrypted but you do not need any knowledge of encryption. The program is small and uses very little resources and with no advertising whatsoever.

  laurieballard 20:59 09 Mar 2006

So basically there is no way to have aol parental controls turned on and still allow msn then???

  mammak 21:00 09 Mar 2006

Thank you Jack_1 I wasnt sure about AOL and who the block or not but was sure about the content in MSN and I still dont think it is suitable for children even teenagers come to that even adults.

  Jak_1 21:01 09 Mar 2006


  laurieballard 21:04 09 Mar 2006

thanx neway

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