AOL - NO DSL Light on Router

  PaulB2005 14:59 30 Dec 2006

I hope someone can help my sanity!!

I have set up loads of Wireless routers for people on various ISPs (Cable and ADSL). I installed a Linksys Router on an AOL account about a year ago. No problems setting it up and none since until now....

On Xmas Eve the DSL and Internet lights went out and we have been unable to get it back on line.

Now IF i am correct the lack of DSL light seems to indicate there is NO DSL SIGNAL on the line. This is backed up by the fact the BT Voyager DSL Modem originally supplied also shows "No Signal" in it's diagnostics screen.

Also if the router is plugged into a neighbours DSL enabled line the DSL light comes on after 30-45 seconds. OK we can't get the Internet but the router detects the DSL signal.

We have tried 2 PCs, 3 phone sockets inc the Master Socket, replaced the filters and the cables but nothing.

As far as i am concerned there is no DSL signal on the line.

AOL beg to differ.....

Amongst the responses we have had are

- the old modem won't work as it is no longer compatible (even though i know others using the same modem and older ones)
- the network has been upgraded overnight and the settings are all wrong - was instructed to change settings like PPOA to PPOE (or the other way round) and VC to LLC!! Basically the opposite to how it has been set for the last year!
- Linksys routers are not compatible with AOL (seemingly overnight) due to a network upgrade.

AOL seem oblivious to the fact that if these"network upgrades" were real and carried out this way they would be cutting off thousands of people overnight!

BT say the line is fine.

Basically the equipment shows no sign of life in the owners house but works OK in the neighbours.

Is it me or might there be a fault on the line?

BTW - just remembered. AOL accidentally added a Pay Monthly Account to the owners account and have now removed it. I'm convinced they messed up somewhere but "everything looks OK on my screen" according to AOL.

  PaulB2005 11:15 31 Dec 2006

Can someone confirm / deny what am i saying, because i am doubting my own knowledge and experience here after talking to AOL Helpdesk....

  PaulB2005 08:18 02 Jan 2007

No-one even going to tell me i'm an idiot and totally wrong?

  Ashrich 18:47 02 Jan 2007

If you can make phone calls from the house but have no DSL then it seems it either has a fault at the exchange or in cancelling the AOL account mistakenly put on , they may have cancelled the wrong one ....


  PaulB2005 21:24 02 Jan 2007

Ashrich - thanks.

Phone calls are fine as we were calling AOL from the house. You seem to have confirmed exactly what i thought but the 1st line support at AOL are having none of it. Reboot the PC, check the cables, etc and no matter how many times they are me they don't seem to believe me that the DSL light is not on!!

  Ashrich 21:35 02 Jan 2007

Demand to speak to someone higher up the food chain , this service is being paid for and they are not getting it , put your foot down and make a nuisance , it is the only way to deal with these huge companies , they only want money , not to help anyone . Try telling them that because of this occuring that you wish to change providers , see what they do then , also , if they DID cancel the wrong account then your client is paying for somebody else's broadband ! .


  PaulB2005 21:39 02 Jan 2007

They did that and we're currently waiting for their new router to arrive courtesy of AOL - and the monthly bill has been reduced from £28 to £14 a month or simalar.

I suspect they are buying time to rectify the fault or are admimant that overnight all Linksys routers became incompatible with AOL.

I also suspect that either neither router will work (the fault isn't the Linksys router) or both will work (they'll fix the fault). We'll see....

  Ashrich 22:13 02 Jan 2007

At least you'll find out one way or the other ! and if both work , they'll either have a spare or one to sell !! .


  PaulB2005 09:52 04 Jan 2007

Brand new NetGear router arrives from AOL - NO DSL light illuminated........

  rodriguez 12:11 04 Jan 2007

I don't think you have a DSL service. One more thing to try though:

Take the router downstairs to the main master phone socket. Carefully remove the faceplate from the main phone point and there should be another socket behind there - this is the socket that engineers use to test the line. Plug in the new router through the microfilter as normal then plug the microfilter into this test socket and start up the router. If there is still no DSL light, then you definately have no active ADSL service and must call AOL and tell them you've done this test. If they still drag their heels, tell them you want to speak to someone higher up to discuss it.

  Ashrich 18:51 04 Jan 2007

Hello again Paul , well , what a surprise , I still reckon they cancelled the wrong account .....


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