aol networking,yet again

  westdudes 11:57 04 Feb 2004

hi ive got too computers and im trying to network them via a speedtouch 510 router (the one that aol recommends, hmmmmm mistakes start there)

i suppose exverything is ok, i can find the other computer and vise versa but there is not a great deal in the user manual or on the websites that say much about how to actually get the thing running.
The problem i seemed to be having is that when i take the modem out of my voyager 100 and put it into the speedtouch 510...the adsl indicater flashes green and amber...which means adsl signal pending....and it stays like that.also i honestly don't know how to set aol up to connect via the router because all it says when i attempt is 'unable to connect to aol' as you might be able to tell im very very new to networking...this is the first time..and i really would appreciate the help if any of you brilliant guys and girls on the pcadvisor forum could help me :)

  JIM 12:28 04 Feb 2004

should be redundant buy now, if you have connected the speedtouch 510 as per instructions from the following.(Follow for THE right win/os )

Take it that you are not using any USB devices on your systems to setup the connection to the 510 modem?

You may? have to reset the speedtouch to MF settings and start afresh.

(But do recap the following first)

DO ALSO print of info and follow,the 510v4 instructions by AOL and the supplied CD. Really is one of the best/simple for a wired connection setup.

Hope this may help.

click here


click here

ALSO,not Aol specific but Helps bearing in mind the following above with AOL SETUP.

click here

click here

  westdudes 14:57 04 Feb 2004

cheers...i did everything it said on the wesbites...still didnt worked..foned up speedtouch...they couldn't figure it out.phoned aol up...spent 45mins the the phone to a very helpful guy who tried just about everything in the book....turns out it wasnt working because i was using a username that was 8 characters set up new username with one less than 8 and all works fine and quite fast too....

ill leave this open for a min too see if anyone got any thoughts on why i have to use a username thats not 8 characters? lol

  Astrix 16:35 04 Feb 2004

Thanks, me too having same problem

  JIM 17:52 04 Feb 2004

westdudes;0 and a big :)))))

At least your there.

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