minijo1 21:14 19 Aug 2008

Hi All

I am tearing my hair out with AOL and Netgear.

A few weeks ago AOL kindly updated the speed of our network however the speedtouch router then kept crashing as it could not cope. I have been to argos and purchased a Netgear 108MBPS Range Max Modem Router.675/3186. It works great, very fast but... we now cannot access AOL directly like we could before so cant get at our account and everytime AOL goes down we have to reset the router. Can anyone advise on what we can do to get on AOL directly? AOL only support this router for MACs not windows so not willing to help us (all the ones they support for windows are too slow though). If there is a way to not have to reset the router everytime AOL goes down that would be useful to know as well.

I have a week before my 30 day money back option with argos so need to sort it quickly.

I really hope someone can help

Jo x

  brundle 21:48 19 Aug 2008

"we now cannot access AOL directly" - please clarify can't log in using the AOL software? You can't access the internet using another browser without starting the AOL software (the router will give you the ability to do so)?

  minijo1 22:01 19 Aug 2008

We can access the internet through Internet Explorer on the desktop but when we click on the AOL logo on the desktop and try to log in we can't.

We can also get onto aol webpages through internet explorer but cannot get at our emails, online aol help and general account information.

  FatboySlim71 22:15 19 Aug 2008

If you go on to Internet Explorer and go to click here you should be click on the email tab and check your email, you should also be able to remain logged in, after this you should be able to go to click here and it should tell you straight away that you have new emails.

IMO AOL's software can be a cause of a lot of problems and I suspect that is what is causing your problems you are experiencing.

My advice would be to not bother using AOL's software and just stick to using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, both these browsers IMO are far far better than AOL's software.

click here

  minijo1 22:28 19 Aug 2008

Any advice on having to reset the router each time aol goes down?

We could still do with accessing My AOL as we cannot check billing etc, is there anyway we can get at that information?

  kdt 22:43 19 Aug 2008

I had similar problem sometime ago & uninstalled all AOL software...add/remove AOL uninstaller then use IE to download AOL software from AOL site...there may be AOL update for the software. OR email aoluktechsupport & see whether they can help.

  rdave13 23:28 19 Aug 2008

Not sure what you mean when you say AOL goes down? Connection should be steady.
Some of my netgear settings if it helps:-
Basic settings; encapsulation PPPoE
Internet IP address:_ get dynamically from ISP.
DNS:- get automatically from ISP.

ADSL Settings;
Multiplex :- LLC-BASED.
VP1 0
VC1 38
Wan Settings;
box ticked for Connect Automatically as required.
MTU size 1450
If your version of AOL is 9 then download AOL vr. You can keep both versions on your PC.Try connecting through the VR version.

  rdave13 23:41 19 Aug 2008

PS, I created a new Screen name and password only for the router to connect. It must have General (18+) access in AOL.
" If you often access AOL from a different location, we recommend that you create a new screen name for your modem/router to connect to AOL. Your modem/router could lose connection to the internet if you use the same Screen Name to access AOL at multiple locations".

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