AOl on my newPC ?

  PEEBEE04 05:12 29 Jul 2004

I am 7 months through a 12 -month contract with AOL Broadband. I am taking delivery of a new PC today and I am dubious about installing AOL on it as I have heard from many souurces that it ( AOL) can play hell with your PC.Would anybody care to advise on this?
Thank you

  picklesy 05:47 29 Jul 2004

i have been with aol for a while now and never had any major problem with them.i know people who run aol down and i,ve heard the same rubbish as you have heard,i also know people with other isp,s who have had constant problems.all i can say is my pc is about a year old with aol installed from the day i got it and if i was getting a knew pc today i would install aol.everyone has there fav. and there hates,if your happy with what you,ve got stay with it.

  gold 47 12:49 29 Jul 2004

Never had a problem with AOL been with them four years reinstalling on a new computer no problem but as been said many times you like AOL or you don't.

  Djohn 13:05 29 Jul 2004

If AOL is set up correctly on your new PC then you have nothing to worry about. Excellent company to deal with and very friendly, [Free] helpline for any problems that may arise.

You can now (If you wish) install just the drivers for AOL and not the complete software, this gives you a connection to the internet just like any other mainstream ISP and you can then use any browser you like and of course Outlook or Express as your email client. j.

  rmriph 13:16 29 Jul 2004

I have also been with AOL for several years now and have tried others but have always gone back to AOL,what with their free helpline and because i use a Goldfish credit card i manage to get two free months a year(£15.99)rental i do not envisage any change , so stick with them

  PEEBEE04 13:30 29 Jul 2004

Thanks all who replied -good news!
Djohn - you said I can install the drivers and NOT the software.
1. Are the drivers on the CD which came from AOL on signing up for Broadband?
2. How can I use Outlook Express to send and receive email using and AOL address? I did not think it would work with AOL.Thanks for any more help given.

  Smegs 13:42 29 Jul 2004

The drivers will be on the CD that came with BB.
If you can tell us what BB modem you have, then someone can tell you where to get the up-to-date drivers. That way, you will not need the AOL disk.

I have downloaded the lastest drivers for my BB modem, but not installed the software for my ISP Freeserve/Wanadoo.

As for your AOL email, I think that is you terminate your contract with AOL, you will no longer be able to use that Email Address. Someone will tell you if I'm wrong.

Good Luck.

  Djohn 14:06 29 Jul 2004

The modem drivers are on the install CD and can be loaded separately from the rest of the software. This will connect your PC to the internet through AOL but without the AOL screen or any of the software. To do this, insert the AOL CD but stop it from auto running by clicking on cancel or close.

Right click the drive that holds the CD, choose Explore, find the driver folder, open and click on the setup icon for the modem. Use your "Username" and "Password" as normal, this will install the modem driver and place the Icon on your desktop. [Install driver before connecting modem to PC] and thats it.

You will have the Icon for your modem as a shortcut on your desktop, click on that and your connected. Click on the IE6 Icon, your browser will open and you can surf away.

I believe AOL helpline will respond to a request on how to do this now, (they didn't used to) and give full instructions for setting up express for email. Even if you load the full AOL software you can still use other browsers and email applications for your mail. I think AOL have been supporting this for the past 4 months or so.

Using your current PC. Click on (I think) "Keyword" IMAP for details of using your AOL username with other email applications.

  bertiecharlie 14:07 29 Jul 2004

click here to use Outlook Express.

  €dstowe 14:32 29 Jul 2004

I understand the biggest problem with AOL, discounting what it may or may not do to the innards of your computer, is the difficulty of cancelling any contract from them. Their method of extracting payment is, apparently, different from the normal Direct Debit or Standing Order and is a great problem to cancel. I have heard, though I think it may not be entirely true, that they even try to recover outstanding amounts long after a person's demise.

  woodchip 15:04 29 Jul 2004

You may find that it's installed by default it was on both My New Desktop and New Laptop. But removed it from both. EASY

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