Aol to MS Express

  Enoch 06:49 19 Jun 2005

Is there a very simple way to transfer all information from the Aol home pages to MS Express. I am trying to help a friend, (by email). He is hesitating to change, simply because his favourites and his email addresses are on Aol. He is on MS millenium

  Diemmess 13:06 19 Jun 2005

You are the keen one!

Why trouble your friend to change anything, particularly if he is used to Aol..... Aol may not be your way but it is his, and if you are physically no closer than email it is probably better to let him go the way he knows.

My crystal ball shows me that to transfer ALL the stuff he wants to an unfamiliar environment is unlikely to win you many Brownie points. Aol is very Nannyish and very stable. Once used to Aol there is no need to change.

A friend of mine, who supports software for major firms, finds it easier to use Pipex for the sort of delving into critical files and sending data both ways over the net. Aol (quite properly, tries too hard to prevent my friend having control over a distant server!)

  Enoch 16:46 19 Jun 2005

Diemmess----you are probably correct, but the situation is that many things that other people send to him as an attachment he cannot open and then he forwards them to me. I have to change the format for him and then send them back to him. I use Outlook Express. Some he can then see and few we cannot sort out, although I can see them on my PC.

Even some web pages give him problems, but that is easier for me. I copy and paste, then send the page back to him within an email.

He is in the USA and I am in the UK and all I want to do is give him control over his own Internet. I should point out however, that we are both seniors, him more than me, but nevertheless..........

  Diemmess 15:51 20 Jun 2005

I'm very sorry to be at a bit of a loss to really help much....

Inability to open emails has not been a problem for me in the last few versions of Aol, perhaps because I have installed Acrobat Reader and a fair range of MS things like Publisher, and Powerpoint even though I don't use them for original work.
Some of the heavyweight things (Word 2000 is a good example) have a huge list of filters and files they can at least open.

In the long past a daughter (a designer) used to become quite stuffy because she was into Apple Mac of course, and blamed any "No Read" troubles on me. Her minions could send legible stuff to me but it was a fierce talking point!

If your friend is running Aol v.9 he should be alright anyway so persuade him to try their freephone tech support quoting the suffix of any files he has a difficulty with.

The final snag is the one you started with, that of copying over all the data he wants. Here I'm on very shakey ground because I think it can only be done longhand and tediously slowly.......I do hope someone has a better answer!!!

Easy to copy old data from one Aol setup to a new installation. Not so easy to open specific Aol files to read in another (IE or OE) environment.

  Enoch 19:42 20 Jun 2005

Diemmess------thanks for trying. It seems that the best bet is to leave things as they are. The alternative means that I will never get away with any advice and currntly I have a very simple job to convert his problems. I think to get him off Aol into MS Express will be a full time job for me.

Thanks anyway for your input

  Diemmess 20:05 20 Jun 2005

The sad thing is my knowledge limited as it is to Aol...... I know it is a huge company but it is a relatively small part of overall internet access.

Though their free support - both online techchat, and 0800 number are reasonably effective, I wouldn't give much chance of them falling over themselves to tell how to pack up and leave Aol!

  octal 20:13 20 Jun 2005

Have you thought about asking your friend to use Outlook Express as their email client? You can use OE with AOL now, this is a thread that shows how to do that click here

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