AOL line speed variation

  provider 2 12:04 03 Mar 2008

I`ve been using this site to check my broadband speed and I thought others might find it useful too: click here

On AOL Silver, (AOL 9.0) and XP Sp 2 it gave these results:

5.0 pm Sunday, Down 96 Kbps , Up 31 Kbps
10.15 am Monday, Down 1864 Kbps , Up 226 Kbps

A huge variation, I think, but not something that fixed by any individual subscriber despite AOL Help`s assertion that it can.

  provider 2 16:59 03 Mar 2008

3.0 pm Monday, Down 704 Kbps, Up 202 Kbps
4.15 pm Monday, no response to measurement test.

Any chance of a price reduction do you think?

  mrwoowoo 17:13 03 Mar 2008

960kbs download
242kbs upload
With AOL.
Results are what i normally get(1meg connection).

  provider 2 22:38 03 Mar 2008


I suppose it`s to do with expectations really and the precise use of words in contracts.

I signed up for an "up to" 2.0 Mbps broadband connection for which I agreed to pay £14.99 a month.

Every month £14.99 is paid from my account, but I have never seen my speed actually reach the magic 2.0Mbps. What I have seen is the speed vary markedly depending on what time of day it is and just recently it has been so slow at certain times it has resembled the old call-up on a bad day.

Perhaps their side of the contract should say, "We`ll deliver 2.0 Mbps if we can but don`t hold your breath. In the meantime you can expect maybe 1.0 Mbps for part of the day, sometimes a bit more, sometimes considerably less but we`ll take the cash off you anyway just in case we come close."

Not a happy bunny.

  flyingbrit 00:17 04 Mar 2008

I'm not sure how to answer you're speed variation problems, but, could be something to do with the distance you are away from the exchange?
However, I too am on AOL silver 2 Mbps but I saw on the AOL home page an advert for 8Mgps with a free laptop or ps3 thrown in for £19-99 a month but there is a 10 gig limit. There is a free phone number to ring with the usual "if you are an AOL customer you must ring the pay number" I took no notice of that and rang the freephone number anyway and was connected to an advisor who I asked about an upgrade to 8Mbps with no download limit. He disappeared for a while and came back with "yes you will be upgraded to 8Mbps within 8 working days with no limit for £14-99 a month"....Try it , it's worth a shot. I get a speed of between 6600ish to 7500ish all the time.
Good luck....John

  Snec 09:04 04 Mar 2008

Strange to relate but any variation I get is on the upload speed.

Tested with above just now:
6280 down and 735 up.

Download speed never changes much, hasn't for the 12 mths I've been on the 8 Mbps, £9.99 package. Sometimes though upload speed is as low as 365 or thereabouts.

For anyone not aware the 8Mbps £9.99 was available at the time if you didn't take the free router.

The laptop deal, mentioned above, I was not aware of but that sounds like a very good deal.

  provider 2 13:10 04 Mar 2008

flyingbrit, Snec,

Thank you both for your responses.

The deal I`m on is one offered by AOL more than twelve months ago and I see now that things have changed with AOL UK or should I say Car Phone Warehouse?

The 8.0 Mbps on offer sounds great but due to things like distance from my exchange etc my line is incapable of more than 3.0 Mbps and this has been confirmed by BT, so no matter what I`m offered or sign up to nothing is going to change any time soon.

I contacted AOL UK to see if instead of offering me things they can`t deliver they might consider reducing the price a bit but I needn`t have bothered. "How about a call package?" Fine, but I would need to make ten times more calls than I do to see any saving.

For me, the critical point now is when does annoyance with the half-assed service exceed the hassle of changing ISP s?

Please feel free to comment if you think I have got this all wrong or whether you think the regulator might be waking up in the near future.

1.05 pm Tuesday, Down 1856 Kbps, Up 226 Kbps

  Diemmess 15:06 04 Mar 2008

Have used Aol exclusively since long before BB.
Had very little problem with speed except for about 3 years ago when I had to complain about having half the speed I was paying for.Until a few days ago! ............

Having installed a wireless router to give access to a new Laptop worked to begin with and then each afternoon the speed fell from 1700kb to about 60-70Kb and virtually froze.
For three days I tried every which way click here and by accident rebooted the router.

The speed recovered immediately, but the problem returned yesterday.
I used the same remedy, pull the power plug from the router, wait 1 minute and plug in.
Next time Aol stopped at sign on, but closing and signing again cleared it.

So far today it has been normal.
I honestly don't know what the root of the problem is.
I am deeply suspicious of the new admin now that Talk Talk and with them Carphone Warehouse rule OK, paranoid that there may be tweaking behind the scenes without regard to existing customers, but to be fair, others in the same village and using Aol havve not had a problem.

I am convinced that a reasoned "snail mail" letter to the Vice President Consumer Services (Aol) in the Help/Complaints contact section will serve your purpose, if only to reduce the sub for the service of 2Mb to £9.99 which is what I pay.

  provider 2 16:26 04 Mar 2008


Thank you for your comments and suggestions. It`s always good, in these situations, to know that you`re not alone for there is always the sneaking suspicion that you might be doing something wrong without realising it.

I too came across this switch off/switch on fix for the router here on PC Advisor and have used it successfully to cure AOL freeze problems, though it seems to have no effect whatsoever on the gradual-slowdown scenario. It`s used in Royal Navy submarines too, according to the TV advert but I`m not quite sure that`s entirely serious!

I`m going to go ahead with your suggestion of a snail-mail letter to Customer Services to see if that has any effect and I`ll come back with any response I may get.

I`m on ethernet connection at the moment, going through the AOL software at 4 pm having produced these results which suggest that late afternoon AOL broadband is a write-off unless you like to sit staring at the little blue indicator struggling up to Error 404 timed-out:

4.0 pm Tuesday, Down 368 Kbps, Up 17 Kbps

  Confab 17:00 04 Mar 2008

Very similar issue was happening to my broadband recently. The speeds were

23 Feb
Morning Down 13,032 Up 691
Eve Down 640 Up 316

24 Feb
Morning Down 13,830 Up 639
Eve Down 2660 Up 564

I’m on O2 16 meg service and some evenings my speed would drop to less than 300kbps. I tried just about every tweak available. I reset the router and had a firmware upgrade all to no avail. O2 said that the line between my exchange and their server was congested and would be upgraded from 1Gb to 5GB The upgrade date came and went but still my speed dropped in the evenings. After about the 5th phone call to O2 I received a SMS message advising me that that they had found a fault on my line. 20 minutes later I received another SMS to say the fault had been fixed. The very next day my download speed stayed at approx 13,000 all evening and it hasn’t dropped since. I still have absolutely no idea what the issue was!

Have you tried calling AOL?

  Confab 17:16 04 Mar 2008

BTW I am 1400m from my exchange or 800m as the crow flies. BT said I could get no more than 6.5Mb on a standard ADSL Line I Get 13 with ADSL+ on O2


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