AOL internet connection query

  CurlyWhirly 09:05 11 Jun 2005

I have a query that has been on my mind for a while now.
Ever since downloading a new AOL connectivity service a few months ago which has now changed my broadband connection to a LAN (Local Area Network), I sometimes get an error message on my windows taskbar saying "Local Area Network connection. A network cable is unplugged along with an icon of 2 monitors and a big red cross over them.

There is NOTHING wrong with my internet connection but I am just wondering WHY this error message comes up as it is obvious that I have a network cable hooked up as otherwise I wouldn't be able to access this forum LOL!
I have tried AOL helpline and live help but no one can tell me WHY this error message happems and all they do is say the usual reinstall AOL, etc.

Another thing, in Device Manager I have 2 entries under Network Adapters:

Globespan USB ADSL LAN modem and an entry for PPPoEWin Miniport which has a red cross over the icon similar to the LAN error mentioned above.
After a while, sometimes as much as an hour or two, the error message on the windows taskbar goes away to be relaced with a new message "Acquiring network address" but it never seems to find the network address!

The error in Device Manager *never* goes away though.
Does anyone else on AOL get these 'errors' though whether they can really be called errors is debateable as like I have said before I am NOT getting any connection problems.

  pat-212841 09:16 11 Jun 2005

Hi CurlyWhirly yep i got the same i have to wait till the light on the modem stops flashing then i can get on line mine takes ages cause the computer is a long way from the telephone line when it connects the the little cross goes off but it sounds like your cross stays on !

  CurlyWhirly 09:21 11 Jun 2005

Thanks for replying!
The odd thing is that even after both lights ARE stable on my modem (i.e. the power & DSL lights), I *still* get the error message on my taskbar.
I am online for a period of time and then it disappears to be replaced with the acquiring network address message.

  pat-212841 09:39 11 Jun 2005

Mine does go after a few minutes but i do get up a box that says something about connections but i ignore that and just log on ,my friend is on yahoo and she has the same problem but she has 2 of those things on the task bar with a cross on each !

  CurlyWhirly 11:58 11 Jun 2005

It seems that it is nothing to worry about then. Cheers!

  Cesar 09:17 12 Jun 2005

I get the same on my computer, I have written to AOL technical services and when I receive a reply I will post it here.

  CurlyWhirly 22:23 12 Jun 2005

I await your reply from AOL assuming that you get one!

  CurlyWhirly 06:31 14 Jun 2005

I think that I may have stumbled across the answer to my query.
If I go to CONTROL PANEL > NETWORK CONNECTIONS and go to 'LAN or High-Speed Internet' and right click on the Local area connection icon and select properties, then if I put a tick in the box 'Show icon in notification area when connected' this not only gets rid of the 'acquiring network address' message but also the 'Network cable is unplugged' message as well!

After doing this I have the same 2 monitor icon displayed on the Windows taskbar but with NO red cross over them and they regularly flicker on and off which looks better than having a horrible red cross on the taskbar!

  Cesar 08:47 15 Jun 2005


  CurlyWhirly 11:55 15 Jun 2005

click here

Above is what my taskbar icon looks like.
It's better than before with the error messages!

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