AOL Infestation

  milkybarkid 11:11 02 Sep 2007

My friend has a Dell Desktop that came with icons to connect hom to AOL, Ticali and a few other ISp's. Great for Dell as I expect they make a few bob for putting preinstalling 'em. Can get rid of the Tiscalis and the others but AOL is a stubborn beast. Tried to do it in add/remove but his start menu still displays AOL and it is still active. Is there a way to clean it completely? I HATE IT!!!!

  User-1159794 11:19 02 Sep 2007
  User-1159794 12:08 02 Sep 2007

Something else.
click here

  jakimo 12:19 02 Sep 2007

AOL files are very large & deep rooted,uninstall software don't fully remove it,I had to go into the registry to completely remove all the AOL files(there are hundreds)

  I am Spartacus 12:42 02 Sep 2007

I don't whether this will do the job? click here

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