AOL Idle Message

  graham 13:55 29 Mar 2003

Whilst not holding my breath for a solution, as AOL is pretty much 'locked down' to any changes, is there any way to stop the Idle message coming on screen when I have been away for a while, whilst on-line?

  Mango Grummit 14:26 29 Mar 2003

Yes there is g but I promised Stokey I would only tell one other AOL regular. Sorry!

  graham 14:28 29 Mar 2003


  Djohn 14:32 29 Mar 2003

Open a chat room and minimise it ti the task bar!. J.

  Mango Grummit 14:43 29 Mar 2003

Djohn, good shot -- but if you're on dialup then it will run a little (or a lot) slower. I know you will know this but g may not.

  Djohn 14:46 29 Mar 2003

click here this is the main one. J.

  Djohn 14:48 29 Mar 2003

Hi, It is a problem,and some of aol staff are sympathetic to it and they will at times direct you to the one that Stokey recommends. J.

  graham 15:02 29 Mar 2003

I'm on broadband, expect it will do the trick?

  graham 22:45 29 Mar 2003

Tried both options on that site, activated them, still getting 'Idle message...'

  Installer* 22:57 29 Mar 2003

This program will click the idle message buttons on both aol 7 and 8, despite it being old. Works fine under xp.

  Installer* 22:58 29 Mar 2003

This program click here forgot the link.

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