AOL and a² forum log in hassle

  CurlyWhirly 17:07 04 Jun 2005

Afternoon all.
I have been unable to log in to the a2 at click here and I am beginning to wonder if AOL has put a 'blanket' block on ALL their servers as even when I disable the AOL SPAM filter, I still don't receive any e-mails.
This has been going on for nearly 5 months now and it is getting serious as my 12 month subscription to the Personal version a2 is up in just a few weeks time and I probably won't be able to renew my subscription if I can't log in!

This has come about as I have forgotten my password and when I click on the 'I forgot my password' option and enter my e-mail address, the password reset e-mail NEVER reaches my in-box.

Can any other AOL members receive e-mails from this forum/website so that I will have an idea whether the problem is at 'my end' or the ISP's.
Thank you.

  jimv7 17:17 04 Jun 2005

After loading aol, minimise it and use internet explorer instead, unless aol has also diabled explorer.

  jimv7 17:17 04 Jun 2005

disabled, thick fingers small keyboard.

  CurlyWhirly 17:27 04 Jun 2005

Thanks for that but it still doesn't work.
I have installed Mozilla Thunderbird but find it too complex to set up.
Never mind.

  CHAIRLEG 17:29 04 Jun 2005

I just tried to register but have not got an email back to comfirm and when I try to log in i get wrong username or password.AOL 9 BB.

  CurlyWhirly 17:33 04 Jun 2005

If you notice under my username (CurlyWhirly) I haven't posted since February and the reason is I can't log on to the forum :0(

You have confirmed what I thought and that is that AOL are blocking ALL e-mail emanating from the a2 servers.
At least now I know the problem isn't MY end!
If I could only configure Thunderbird to work then I could try that out as a second e-mail client!

Thanks very much for replying mate!

  CurlyWhirly 17:34 04 Jun 2005

p.s. I forgot to say that what you posted in your 17.29 post is EXACTLY what happens to me and I thought I was getting paranoid! LOL

  CHAIRLEG 17:38 04 Jun 2005

Just wonder if it's worth trying OAL helpline

  CurlyWhirly 17:50 04 Jun 2005

Already tried the 0800 helpline and also live help.
All they could suggest was to accept e-mails from EVERYONE which is already done.

Also disable the SPAM filter which is also already done!

I will have to look out for a second e-mail client but am unsure if AOL would be able to block that as well?
Thanks for replying BTW.

  iambeavis 17:58 04 Jun 2005

What's the problem with T'Bird?

  CurlyWhirly 18:03 04 Jun 2005

"What's the problem with T'Bird?"

Thanks for replying!
The error message I get is "Failed to connect to server" as I wasnt sure what to do on the set-up screen which mentioned a hostname to an incoming server and outgoing server.

I already use Mozilla Firefox and found this a piece of cake to set up but Thunderbird is too technical for me I'm afraid. ;0(

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