AOL and Firewall

  micklemouse 18:46 02 Oct 2005

I am in a fix here because I have AOL 9.0 which connects to the internet either with their AOL Dialler or plain AOL (Broadband). I have also McAfee Security Centre with their Antivirus, and Kerio Personal Firewall.

The two problems I have are this. I connect to AOL with their dialler but when I want to sign in to AOL 9.0 the sign in panel tells me in their security settings that I have no firewall, and no antivirus.

The second problem is that The McAfee Security Centre tells me I have no firewall running and that i'm unsafe. Windows Security Centre tells me I have! I made McAfee the default Security Centre when I installed it as they recommended.

Both the Antivirus and the Firewall are working fine, and I have allowed connections for AOL to access the net. Updates,, reboots,, I've tried the lot!

Regards Micklemouse

  wobblymike 18:50 02 Oct 2005

If you access the windows security centre via control panel you will see Firewall, Windows update and Anti-virus status info. Are all the lights green? post back

  micklemouse 19:00 02 Oct 2005

Yes they're all three of 'em green

  flyingbrit 20:29 02 Oct 2005

yea i'm on aol broadband and i had the same message, that i had no firewall or anti-virus running.however i had bit defender pro running and apparently aol doesn't recognise most security programs.(i've used f-secure for a dosn't recognise that one either)this doesn't mean there not active it just means aol thinks there not.(if that makes sense!!!)if you realy don't trust that, download aol's free mcafee firewall and freeware avg recognise those.

  wobblymike 20:31 02 Oct 2005

ok you now need to confirm that the firewall green light is for your macfee system and not the built in windows firewall. To do this in security centre clock on windows fire wall and it will tell you which firewall is protecting your system - assuming it says mcafee make sure your windows firewall is disabled.
Next thing click the virus protection tag and confirm that it is reporting mcafee is protecting your system - also confirm that you cannot see the recommendations tag if you can you will need to click it and uncheck the self monitor box that will appear. That's as far as my understanding goes

  micklemouse 08:40 03 Oct 2005

Hi flyingbrit and wobbly; I thought as much, that AOL simply doesn't recognise these applications, yet it recognises Windows Firewall which doesn't do the whole job. And as for installing their gift of McAfee Personal Firewall Plus, I tried that one before Kerio and it's way out of date. No wonder they gave that away free! Version I think... so I will stick with Kerio as you say the ball's in AOL'S court, not mine.

And wobbly, yes I've checked that the Windows Firewall is switched OFF in the Windows Security Centre, in fact I think I turned it off before I installed Kerio, just to make sure no mishaps would occur.

Thanks for your advice I can now rest easy!

Regards Micklemouse

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