aol & explorer

  fly2hi 23:22 29 Apr 2003

Just lately, like days maybe, loading pages in this forum seems to take forever. Have to refresh pages that look like they've timed out and searches take forever. That's aol's explorer.
When I load Internet explorer over the top of aol, eveything goes like lighting (for a 56k that is). Is this something to do with aol settings or what? the only thing I have changed is installing adaware and removing a lot of stuff which probably included pca cookies but I thought they would have reset themselves.

  simonp1 23:34 29 Apr 2003

to speed up aol, you can load their new dial up numbers, it does work. Also clean up your temp files etc. go to key word preferences to clean up and go to close account to get new numbers. Its asks you why and the optins includes slow conections.

  Gman 00:13 30 Apr 2003

Heres a better idea (only my own feelings) bin AOL it's well known for messing your PC up!!

  Djohn 02:10 30 Apr 2003

AOL works fine for me, no problems at all, if you want to use IE. then do so, but don't forget to minimise AOL to taskbar first.

PS. Can't see it making any difference though because AOL uses IE. itself as a browser for the net! J.

  hugh-265156 02:16 30 Apr 2003

AOL was a nightmare for me sooooo slooooow!

  fly2hi 07:56 30 Apr 2003

Yes, I do try the different numbers and do the temp thing.
I've a feeling it's something to do with the pop ups being blocked but can'tt see why it happens with aol explorer and not the other, which incidentally happens to be IE provided by Tiscali. This installed when I was going to try Tiscali but couldn't get it to connect. Only just noticed that.

  Andsome 08:28 30 Apr 2003

I have said this many times before. When I had some internet lessons when I first had a computer, we were all handed a leaflet headed 'AOL The upgrade of death'. We were warned not to let AOL any where near our computers. My son uninstalled AOL and tried to use another ISP, he could not get on line. The only solution was a complete reinstall of Windows. A couple or so years ago, there was a radio program taking phone calls, which had an AOL representative in the studio. The program was inundated with problems with AOL. The biggest problem of all was in trying to uninstall AOL if the customer wanted to change ISP. The second major problem was in trying to contact AOL to cancel direct debits, which had to be set up at the beginning of a months free trial. All in all the program was an indictment of AOL. I have no doubt that many people run AOL with no bother, but I would not touch it with a barge pole.

  Mango Grummit 08:46 30 Apr 2003

Yes we have heard this many times before. I have used AOL for years on various machines (currently on three) with no problems. What would be useful is if those people who have had problems with AOL would explain the nature of those problems. That way then someone could provide advice (re the probs) to the thread so that people are not put off what is a very good ISP.

Always remember that

1/ 85% of all computer problems are caused by the user.

2/ Being a critic is easy, requires no training or knowledge.

  Andsome 09:46 30 Apr 2003

My son is very experienced on computers, he trained as a systems analyst. He tried various ISP's before giving AOL a try. The problem occured when he uninstalled AOL prior to giving me his old computer, because he knew that I wanted to use NTL. No one including him could persuade the computer to go online again, and windows had to be reinstalled. The program that I mentioned on the radio received hundreds of calls with similar problems. There have been numerous postings on this website regarding this and other problems with AOL once they have been installed. People have not been able to completely remove AOl, and even if the uninstall has not prevented another ISP being used, as it did in my sons case, then they keep getting pop ups asking them to return to AOL. The evening class that I attended must have had good reason to give us the hand out regarding AOL. I appreciate that thousands use AOL without problems, but also thousands have had problems. The sofware appears to be extremely tenacious. When you consider that once you have an e-mail address etc, the software becomes completely superfluous, then there is no need for AOL to make it take over the computer in such a fashion. If windows has to be reinstalled on a computer for any reason at all, then there is no need to put any ISP sofware in again, as a connection can be comfigured by hand. So why do AOL try so hard to hang on once a cutomer has decided to go elswhere?

  simonp1 10:10 30 Apr 2003

Fly2hi, AOL is regared as one of the slow isp's. i will now have bb, but i was going to leave aol because it really is just very slow at times. Best advice i can give you is get bb if possible or use another isp. Another reason to leave is aol is £15.99 p/m when their are many others a lot cheaper.

Andsome, i will shortly be leaving aol, would you suggest i dont try and remove this program due to all the problems it may cause me? Formating my computer really is not an option i want to go down
I have also loaded my bb isp, do you think the Aol program may cause a conflict?

  Andsome 10:17 30 Apr 2003

As I said, many people have no problem with AOL. It is just that when a problem occurs, in some cases it can be severe, as it was in my sons case. I think it needs some else who has uninstalled AOL broadband to offer advice. I know people who are very well up on computers and have even delved into the registry, and still cannot stop these annoying AOL pop ups offering reconnection. Having never used AOL myself, is it possible to set your new ISP as default, and keep your fingers crossed? One day you may have to reinstall Windows, and then would be an ideal time to get rid of AOL once and for all.

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