AOL Email photo attachment issue

  PhiltheFragger 10:36 24 Apr 2007

AOL Email photo attachment problem


Friend has a dell XP system with AOL 9.
If he wants to sent an email with say, 6 photos attached, he selects "attachments, chooses the photos and then hits send.

The Pc starts to upload the photos, but freezes half way through.

Total file size is 6mb which is well within the AOL limit.

Have uninstalled and reinstalled AOL, their helpdesk hasnt got a clue.

The thing I have noticed is that if a pic is about 2.5mb, it will zip it before sending, It appears to be the zip operation that is freezing.

If I go to webmail, I can upload pics to Tiscali no problems. There is another PC on the nrtwork with AOl and that works fine.

Any ideas Please



  PhiltheFragger 11:55 24 Apr 2007

Any Ideas anyone?

  driving man 11:57 24 Apr 2007

try embedding the photos in the e mail rather than as attatchment

  PhiltheFragger 12:00 24 Apr 2007

and how would you do that?
sorry , not used to AOL, hate it

  driving man 12:00 24 Apr 2007

Otherwise try sending i photo , if ok then 2,etc and then you will find out if it is a size of file issue

  PhiltheFragger 12:07 24 Apr 2007

OK, using the little picture of a camera embeds photos, it seems to work


  driving man 12:11 24 Apr 2007

Your most welcome -- glad to be of help. just disproves what others sa that im a waste of space
Wrenford of Pershore

  driving man 12:15 24 Apr 2007

ps tell your friend to contact AOL and say hes noit happy with the service and its cheaper elswhere
Tey offered my broadband silve connection for 14.99 a month with free modem
I rejected that and they immediately came down to £9.99 a month.
With unlimited downloads its a good deal

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