AOL email via Outlook 2010 send/receive error

  Marko797 13:04 20 Aug 2011

My ISP is AOL, but for email I use Outlook 2010 to connect to AOL, which has worked fine for years. I'm using XP Pro.

2 days ago I opened Outlook 2010 (no problem opening) as usual to check email, only to find about 3000+ emails (previously received) were downloading into Outlook. I let it run its course then deleted all the emails.

Since then, everytime I open Outlook at the bottom right there is the warning triangle telling me 'send/receive error'. So I've clicked the error tab and it shows there is an error for receiving. Message is alog the lines of "Receiving reported error 0x800CCC90. Your incoming (POP3)email server has reported an internal error....

Does this mean there's a problem at AOL, and if so has anyone else had this problem?

Thanks in advance.

PS This has happened on both my laptop and desktop which have the identical settings and nothing has been changed at all in connection with set-up or account details.

  Marko797 10:05 21 Aug 2011

Just to update, I can still send email and receive, but after it's has downloaded the emails I still get the 'send/receive' error and warning triangle.

  Graphicool1 14:43 21 Aug 2011


Check this out, scroll down and everything before doing anything CLICK HERE

  Graphicool1 14:45 21 Aug 2011

Should say...'read everything'

  Marko797 22:06 26 Aug 2011

Thanks but no joy, Graphicool1.

Today I removed all emails from aol webmail, then deleted the aol profile in outlook and created a new one; [email protected](1) is the way it now appears. Seems to have cleared the problem and no more send/receive error or warning triangle, but now need to work out how to remove the [email protected] original.

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