aol and dns setings

  IMAGEDKTR1 17:23 29 May 2004

hi there anyone know what aol's dns settings are as i need them to set up a router and aol themselves ae no help at all.

  IMAGEDKTR1 18:53 29 May 2004


  Mango Grummit 20:21 29 May 2004

Presumably you are trying to use a POP3 client.

I'm guessing that that your problem is no PTR entry (or reverse entry).

Come back with the exact nature of your problem, as in -- what are you trying to do -- and if I'm still here I will try to help.

Going out soon when everyone is ready, 'tis Saturday lol.

AOL is a great ISP but that is what it is, an ISP just like any other.

They (the help people?)do not know much about computers, never mind routers etc. If you ask them about a problem with one computer connected to AOL they will likely find an answer on a cure-all flowchart somewhere. What you are attempting is probably outside if their remit and that is why they cannot help. Not their problem really, when all said and done ... as with any other ISP.

  IMAGEDKTR1 20:27 29 May 2004

hi there thanks for reply , the exact problem is as follows , upon trying to connect to aol (after installing router software ) aol keeps coming up with error message "unable to connect to dns server" on looking into setup of router the dns addy is all 0's so was looking for correct setting for aol

  Mango Grummit 20:36 29 May 2004

You have ethernet cards in your machine(s) then as a starting point you must have TCP/IP addys installed ..... have you?

  IMAGEDKTR1 20:39 29 May 2004

yes tcp/ip cards are installed in pcs and they are working fine i can network from pc to pc no problem just cant get em online with aol, ip addys are dished out by the router so no problem there

  ahales42 20:55 29 May 2004

on the pppoe page have you put in the vci=38 and vpi=0? the dns should come in itself when you connect to aol.

  IMAGEDKTR1 20:57 29 May 2004

on the pppoe page ?on aol its pppoa not e and the settings you talk about are set at vci=38 and vpi=0

  ahales42 21:41 29 May 2004

i use a belkin router with aol, and have the choice of pppoe or pppoa. instructions say to use pppoe. do you not have that?

  IMAGEDKTR1 22:04 29 May 2004

i do have that setting yes but all of the literature on cd that came with router says pppoa it even uses pppoa when you chose aol (in its setup) i can customise the settings yes so i will give pppoe a go. thanks for that if it works i,ll let you know

  IMAGEDKTR1 21:27 30 May 2004

thank you all for advice i have since been onto the makers of the router and apparently it will not work with aol as it does not accept dynamic ip addys (why on earth they put aol as an option in setup is beyond me) still they have said i can return it and they will send me one that aol reccomends which will work and at no extra cost to myself. nice of them really seeing as the new one is £15 more and they dont even want postage for it.
again thanks for your replies they were appreciated.

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