pacuk01 22:27 21 Oct 2007


It started about 5 or 6 nights ago, at 2000 I would be disconnected from AOL until about 2203. I talked to AOL online support and was told to change my DSL filter as they only have a life of about 8 months. I did this and...guess what the next night it disconnected between 2000 and 2205. I couldn't connect using IE either by the way. The next night I spent about an hour on the phone to help. This consisted of resetting the router and reconfiguring it as AOL could not see my end. I did this twice, but 1st level support said I would have to be passed on to 2nd level. I kept saying is it a problem with BT. I had also reinstalled software, and deleted all virus and firewall software. 2nd level did exactly the same as 1st level...reconfigured router. Then they eventually said it was a local network outage. I asked if I need to report this to BT or they would deal with it. They said it was already in hand and to call back in 48hrs if it wasn' sorted. Guess what..NOT SORTED!!!
Both yesterday and today no service between 2000 and 2100hrs. I have each time logged into router and this shows LCP down. I have no service. I have now sent two emails to AOL. So much for reply within 24hours. NO REPLY RECEIVED.

Anybody got any ideas where to go from here. Is it AOL? BT or what? My router shows a connection rate for upstream and downstream, but no connection available using either AOL or IE software.

  RobCharles1981 22:55 21 Oct 2007

I had this same problem,

Mine happend on Friday morning, I was happly sufing the net, about an hour or so latter the Broadband went dead, done some checks nothing I did the Ipconfig/release and no IP was present so I did Ipconfig/renew and somthing about the DHCP timed out, went out and I came back and I phoned they're wonderful helpline, useless support I must say, they said there was a fault in my exchange and should be sorted out in 2 - 4 hours, like hell they did, rang back latter on was told 8 hours went to bed next morning tried it no go, phoned and was told 24 hours and was fopping me off with "Your Router is fault or your Lan Port is fault wen it aint, I hung up on them, phoned latter this dude done talked me though about resetting the router nothing, but for some reason it finds the IP addy and was able to connect again.

  octal 23:02 21 Oct 2007

"I talked to AOL online support and was told to change my DSL filter as they only have a life of about 8 months"

Really? I wonder where they got that little gem from? They are passive devices and will last years, unless they are taken out by a pulse from a close lightening strike which will destroy the capacitors.

  mrwoowoo 00:23 22 Oct 2007

If you are using 9.0vr try reinstalling it in safemode.Iknow it's a pain but it worked for me.
In the control panel(add/remove)use the aol uninstaller,then when it's finished remove anything to do with aol (still in add/remove) manually.
Then reinstall in safemode.

  Miros 06:54 22 Oct 2007

Looks like if you need technical advice leave AOL online support alone and seek it on or in this forum instead.

  pacuk01 08:35 22 Oct 2007

I have already tried the re-instal but no joy. It is more than one pc too. It is the fact it is regular times that bothers me.....I can't believe it is anything of the pcs or the router.

  FatboySlim71 09:12 22 Oct 2007

I agree Miros. My opinion of AOL support is that they are worse than useless.

pacuk01, the support that you are getting from AOL is their typical off the script answers. AOL really need to sort their customer service out big time.

  Diemmess 09:39 22 Oct 2007

What to include in your formal complaint
Address to Complaints Management Team
Jackie O’Leary, Vice President of Member Services Office

Date(s) of incident(s)
Name of Member Services representative you originally spoke to, if known
The nature of your complaint
Your full name and address
Your AOL screen name
Telephone number

Where to send it:
c/o Member Services
PO BOX 2401
That was copied straight from the Complaints section on Aol.

If the method still works like it did for me on a different matter, it will result in a phone call and talking to someone with an Irish accent.

You can expect to have a fast resolution of the problem and depending on how you manage things the offer of a reduced sub. for your trouble!

To Aol's credit this is a viable way of having things fixed and not part of their customer services with many other ISPs.

  Miros 09:39 22 Oct 2007

Could it be a language problem since the online support is usually manned by Asian call centres I think, and it is sometimes difficult for we none Asians to understand what is being said. It is certainly so in my case being none a Asian.

I do understand though that in the above case of AOL we are talking of the written rather than the spoken word.

I trust that this does not sound racialist as I also sometimes have the same problem with strong regional accents who like me would consider themselves British.

  rdave13 11:39 22 Oct 2007

I always use their telephone help service when I get a problem(used them three times in four-five years). The live help hasn't been successful for me. The first time I used the telephone help line I made a note of what the AOL's support person would ask. They'll usually go through the usual spiel of checking filters, how things are connected etc. Trying to see if the fault is with your setup. That's reasonable I think.
Now the last time I had a problem with disconnections I checked everything on my side and was prepared with the answers.
I explained the problem to the AOL's agent and he started firing the usual questions like 'have you power cycled the router, replaced filters, the right coloured cables in the correct sockets, reinstalled AOL etc., yawn.. and when I reply that I've done all that and suggest the fault is with them or BT they usually transfer to another department.
This time the agent asked for me to hold on while they check the exchange. Sure enough that's where the fault was.
If you lose the connection again today I'd give them a ring, go through the spiel and ask them to check the exchange, while you're happy to be put on hold while they do it, and be firm but polite that the problem is with them.
Failing that then I'd go with Diemmess' suggestion. Good luck.

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