Aol .... Deux point!

  Diemmess 20:37 14 Sep 2007

This week I received good advice from Aol's Live Chat, and today.... without fuss.... or fanfare I find I am upgraded to a nominal 1Mbps.

All in one week!

The Live Chat recommended removal of IE v 7 and allowing XP to reinstall IE6.
It was to cure a sudden reluctance to open PDF files online. It did, (though where in complete ignorance I collected IE7 I've no idea.)

The speed increase has been promised for most of this year and now I have a maximum download speed of 1Mbps actualy about 970K.
I am still nominally on Silver and have been paying a negotiated £9.99 p/m for a couple of years.

Quite fast enough for my needs when I seldom download any large files.
Can remember yonks ago on dialup taking nearly 2 hrs to download about 15 Mb of an application update!

  rdave13 20:42 14 Sep 2007

What speed where you on previously if I may ask?

  Diemmess 20:50 14 Sep 2007

Started with gold @ 0.25Mb - ages ago.
Downgraded to Silver when they doubled speed, but didn't get any improvement until I argued.
Apology and a month free of subs for my trouble.

A year or so later played the loyalty card, offered to take another 1 yr contract for a smaller sub (A forum member was only paying £9.99) and my sub then about £14.99 was reduced to £9.99 where it has remained.

  Diemmess 20:57 14 Sep 2007

To save your arithmetic and sorry I didn't answer your question, I have been on 0.5Mb with a usual download speed of 480k-490K and regular updates like AVG coming in at about 123 bytes per second.

  rdave13 21:09 14 Sep 2007

On silver at 1 meg. Have been for a year. Previouslly Gold and Platinum. Still on 1 meg even though promise of upgrade to 2 meg. Paying £14.99 pm. Speed is constant and good enough for me but still bugs a bit as I believe they will not upgrade me now that they have new deals going.
As I'm not on an LLU exchange it will cost me up to a tenner more for their newer services.
Can't for the life of me work out why reverting back to IE6 helps to open PDF?

  rdave13 21:13 14 Sep 2007

This is my speed results and haven't varied much in the last year, click here

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