AOL connectivity issues

  DamnedPC 08:32 23 Apr 2008

Hi there,

I posted this problem in one of the forums ...but it seems not to have stimulated any replies so I will try here.

I use AOL. Generally it works fairly well for me; however, on April 17th I noticed a small download when I was online and ever since AOL has used TCP/IP to connect to the net rather than DSL.

I am able to reliably connect with TCP/IP but staying online is more of a problem! Since getting broadband three years ago I have briefly lost connectivity every 5 minutes. This happens very precisely and lasts for 15-20 seconds. When AOL used DSL my connection would stall but not disconnect and then when connectivity was restored the net would just start working again. Unfortunately with TCP/IP the connectivity lapses briefly and...bang...I'm offline! This means that I have to restart every 5 mins and it is essentially unusable!

I have two questions. Firstly, can I do something to make AOL go back and use DSL rather than TCP/IP? Secondly, can anyone think of a reason why I lose my connectivity with such precise regularity. BT tried investigating but couldn't pinpoint the problem (although they struck me as being entirely uninterested). They thought it might be my remoteness from the exchange but I don't believe this as it works perfectly well generally...except for this 15 second break every 5 minutes! I have a redcare alarm system...could that be causing interference in some way?

I would appreciate any help with this problem. If I can't get back to DSL are there any other ISP's who use this rather than TCP/IP???

  oldnewbie 09:47 23 Apr 2008

Can't help you my friend,
But would be interested in anyone helping as my AOL has used TCP/IP to connect to the net rather than DSL. after update.
Taking a long time to sign on now and if i leave pc idle or run A squared for instance.
I loose Aol connection and have to sign on again.

  feb 09:54 23 Apr 2008

Which OS and modem are you using?

  oldnewbie 10:06 23 Apr 2008

I don't know if your question was for me?
But it is Windows xp sp2 home edition.
BT Voyager 105 modem.

  feb 10:08 23 Apr 2008

Hi oldnewbie
If I try to help you both in one thread it will become confusing for all, I suggest you open your own thread now and I'll come back to you.

  DamnedPC 11:13 23 Apr 2008

Hi there feb,

I have the same modem as oldnewbie (BT Voyager 105)and I'm fairly certain that I also have the same OS too! Am at work and can't check until later.

  DamnedPC 18:48 23 Apr 2008

Hi again,

I have the same spec as oldnewbie-BT voyager 105 and Windows xp home edition.

I hope this helps?

Best regards

  ronalddonald 18:54 23 Apr 2008

I got so fed up with these downloads from aol, every time something goes wrong, cant connect, can connect but not for a long timee speed is slow,ever ince talk took over theres been nothing but problems! so i moved over to 3 mobile broadband ok idont get loads of gb but im using 3gb a month and im happy with that.

  RobCharles1981 19:00 23 Apr 2008

I'm with Falconnet a top service! ;-)

  DamnedPC 19:05 23 Apr 2008

I think leaving may well be an option.

I have e-mailed them twice this week to see if there is a method of getting rid of TCP/IP...despite their promise of a 24 hour response I have heard nowt!

  Fried~Chips 19:09 23 Apr 2008

How long have you been with AOL Broadband ?

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