AOL Connection Problems

  provider 2 10:52 13 Feb 2009

I`ve not been able to connect to AOL. Tried unsuccessfully at 10 pm last night and again at 9 am, 9.30, and 10am this morning. It`s suddenly started working now at 10.48 am.

Does anybody know what`s going on?

  stlucia 11:39 13 Feb 2009

"Does anybody know what`s going on?" Dunno. But I was experiencing connection problems yesterday, which I didn't know whether they were an internet problem or an AOL problem.

Everything's OK this morning so far as getting an internet/AOL connection is concerned, but a few sites are still acting a bit funny -- for example BBC news was not displaying pictures with its stories when I looked a few minutes ago.

  provider 2 12:26 13 Feb 2009


Thanks for that. It`s reassuring to know it`s not just me.

Trouble is, I was reading your response when the page froze 11.48 ... connection interrupted stuff came up again (fat lot of use that is since it`s an automatic pop-up installed with the AOL software and nothing to do with what`s actually happening), and I have been unable to sign on again until 12.10

Ethernet and IE nor working either, except for the secure connection to my bank ... different servers, perhaps?

I`m getting fed up with this now and I don`t think the present faffing about is over yet.

  Marko797 13:31 13 Feb 2009

no ur not alone. I had problems yesterday afternoon (I thought it might have been down to the snowy weather), but pleased to report all well today. Maybe aol are doing some upgrade work, I dunno?

  provider 2 13:45 13 Feb 2009


I`m still in business ... apparently ... but of course with the feeling that it could just as easily shut down again without warning.

Later ...

  realist 18:52 13 Feb 2009

From AOL:

Friday, 13 February 2009

Please be aware of a major network issue affecting AOL Broadband members. Work is on-going to resolve issues as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience

  ened 19:01 13 Feb 2009

"Maybe aol are doing some upgrade work"

They don't suddenly decide to do some upgrade work?

Not just AOL but all ISPs.

Why the hell can't they give us advance notice.

One email is all it would take.

Surely it would save them the problem of everybody calling in as well - oops! I forgot many of them have premium rate numbers!

  rdave13 19:06 13 Feb 2009

Funnily enough had to reboot router yesterday and the day before to get connected. Today was fine,
though, people with various ISPs were having some problems locally. AOL or BT?

  SB23 19:30 13 Feb 2009

I'm glad I'm not alone.

Now, some of you may know that I've always praised Aol. I've been with them for what must be nearly 7 years now, with very few problems, but lately the "service" that I am getting does not seem to be what it used to be.
Whenever anyone has mentioned connection problems, I have usually always said about using the quick fixes, but now, even they seem to have little effect.
I even upgraded to the VR version a few weeks ago, but alot of my connection issues have returned.
I've even found that lately I'm hearing myself say that I'll go onto the internet if Aol lets me, which when you think about it is nowhere near good enough.
So for me, at least, if Aol don't improve the "service" I get, I'm going elsewhere, and very, very soon.


  provider 2 23:45 13 Feb 2009

Struggling now with this same damn thing again!

Connection dropped as if somebody had thrown a switch around 11.15pm ... back on now but looks as if it will take forever to upload this.

  rdave13 23:51 13 Feb 2009

Physically disconnect your router for two minutes then reconnect. See if that helps.

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