AOL Connection Problems

  premier man 10:24 20 Apr 2008

Has anyone else had this problem??
Up till a couple of weeks ago I was connecting to AOL via DSL (BT VOYAGER 105 USB MODEM),
then AOL did an update which had to be restarted,
But on restart it tried to connect via TCP/IP,
it came up with an error AC3001 and refused to connect,AOL have been trying for 10 days with various ideas,but to no avail.
The only way I can get online is to re-install AOL software and it will then connect via DSL,
this will last for 4/5 shutdowns until this update installs itself.
I am on Windowa XP
Looks as if I shall be changing ISP`S

  feb 12:23 20 Apr 2008

Hi gordie
You haven't gone into any detail of things you have tried, except that you have re-installed the software!
Some things to try, can you connect using the AOL dialler, Right click the AOL tray icon by the clock, then start AOL dialler, this will eliminate any software problems.
Alternatively a better way is to use a DUN connection click here

If you can connect using these methods then it is a software problem, try Rebuilding the AOL adaptor and delete ACS files.

  premier man 12:40 20 Apr 2008

Hi feb
I have tried the things you suggest with the AOL
as I said the Engineer have tried for 10 days to sort it out via emails including the DUN connection,the one he gave was for vista,got me all confused,I will give it another go tommorow with the one you have given me,
Queiston? Do I have to be online to do this DUN connection.?

  feb 13:03 20 Apr 2008

You set it up offline and then try to connect.
which firewall are you using

For all firewall packages, the program files you should set to permit/allow are as follows:
1. waol.exe
2. aoltpspd.exe
3. AOLacsd.exe
4. AOLDial.exe

AOL 9.0 VR users should permit/allow the following files:
1. waol.exe
2. AOLacsd.exe and acsd.exe
3. AOLDialer.exe
4. aolwbspd.exe
5. AOLTray.exe
6. AOLMediaPlaybackControl.exe

  feb 13:11 20 Apr 2008

I'm assuming your using Windows XP

Check the network settings
1. Click Start, Settings and select Control Panel.
Windows XP - click Start and select Control Panel.
2. Double click Network Connections or Network and Dial Up Connections.
3. Right click the Local Area Network Connection and left click Properties.
4. Highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).
5. Click Properties.
6. Ensure that Obtain an IP address automatically is selected.
7. Check that Obtain DNS server address automatically is selected.
8. Click OK.

If you've been trying for 10 days, I doubt I'll be able to come up with anything new!

One thing worth trying would be to phone AOL tomorrow morning explain the situation and TELL them a router might solve all the problems and keep you happy!!
If you try in the morning you might get through to Ireland.
I think this is the number 0844 499 5555

  premier man 20:45 20 Apr 2008

Hi feb
Thanks for being so helpful with imformation,really appreciate the time you have taken.
I will try your ideas,
yes I am on XP
Will give it a go in the morning
Thanks again gordie

  premier man 12:20 21 Apr 2008

Hi feb
Just a follow up ,I checked out your suggestions,was all ok,
I tried the DUN connection seems it might work but will not accept username, too many letters max 8 mine is 10.
Her indoots is getting jumpy wants to change ISP,fedup with it,give it a bit longer to see if Ican resolve it, if not.......
Appreciate the effort you have put into it to help me thanks
kind regards gordie

  ronalddonald 17:18 21 Apr 2008

Gordie i gave up using aol. Ive moved over to three mobils and its miles better than AOL broadband, just a suggestion

  premier man 17:34 21 Apr 2008

Hi ronalddonald
Yes that is what I am going to do,The missus has got my arm halfway up my back,
so iv`e no choice,
Thanks gordie

  RobCharles1981 18:39 21 Apr 2008

As ronalddonald said

"Why Not move isp"

AOL are a waste of space as far as I'm concerned "AOL Connection Problems" they are always a problem they are rubbish!!

I'm just coming to the end migration process of moving to Falconnet today was activation day but BT Messed up somewhere, Rang Falconnet who told I should be switch on at 12 Noon today, nothing (not their fault It was BT). So all being well I will be live on Falconnet tomorrow.

Bring it on!

  DamnedPC 15:20 22 Apr 2008

Hi there!

I apologise for lurking here as I am a none too hot with computers. Like the inital poster my AOL broadband was working reasonably well until Thursday the 17th when a small change to the setup was downloaded and it is now using TCP/IP rather than my ususal DSL.

In contrast to the original post TCP/IP does allow me to connect to AOL but staying connected is an issue!. Since getting broadband I have endured an irritating loss of connectivity that happens every 5 mins (almost to the second) and lasts for about 20 secs or so. I have no idea what is causing this interference...and BT have been unable to help (although they weren't really that interested!). They blame it on my distance from the exchange but I don't believe this as the connection is generally OK and the periodicity of loss of connectivity far too regular for this to be the explanation. They have also checked other things like it is hooked up to the master socket etc.

Anyway....using DSL I would lose connectivity temporarily but rarely actually disconnect and it would just hook back in. Using TCP/IP as soon as the green arrows go yellow....bag....the connection is lost and I have to log back in. This is proving to be hopeless.

I have two questions for those of greater technical abilties than me (most of the UK I suspect).

Firstly, can I get rid of this TCP/IP thing and somehow go back to DSL which although not perfect was bearable for my circumstances?

Secondly, can anyone come up with an answer to my mysteriously regular 5 minute disconnection issue?

I appreciate your help as I have almost given up on AOL's helpline....which is, as most here would agree, very rarely any help at all.

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