AOL connection problem

  stlucia 11:22 13 Apr 2008

A few days ago my AOL software automatically updated itself as I was logging out. Since then it rarely connects properly when I use the AOL software, and I've noticed it says something like "Looking for AOL via TCP/IP", when in the past it used to refer to DSL.

I've found by trial-and-error that I can log onto the internet reliably by using the AOL Dialler, with AOL Dialler set as the current default dialler. Then I can use my normal Firefox browser, or I can activate the AOL software and log into my account. But most times I can't connect and log-in in one go using my AOL software, like I used to.

What is the significance of the change from DSL to TCP/IP, and is anyone else having this problem? By the way, I'm using the BT Voyager 100 USB modem that came with my original AOL BB package.

  bebbo 02:59 14 Apr 2008

Aunty had same prob last week.I had to remove aol software and re install using the aol installation disk that came with the modem.Works a treat now.

  stlucia 07:29 14 Apr 2008

Thanks, bebbo. My original disk is AOL v8.0, which is way out of date. So, since I can connect using the AOL dialler, I don't think I'll go the reinstall route yet.

So, did anyone else notice an AOL update about last Tuesday or Wednesday, and the revised message? If so, is AOL still operating normally?

  vsmith 11:58 18 Apr 2008

i am so having problems since the AOl server update.

LAN says unspecified dialbb says disconnected, AOL icon on start bar now has a red cross throught it saying not connected. I click on to icon nothing happens. I have to go into network connections and manually start the dialbb network by clicking on connect using this connection then it will work.

If I use sign on screen it shows its looking for TCP/IP it sometimes lets me in some times and sometimes not . when i log it now has started saying saying AOL needs to download files for me to connect and pc needs to shut down.this happened 3 times this morning I get disconnected regularlyor AOL not responding.
At first I used to get a dial up box pop up asking me to dial up. I have broadband with vista and usb modem.

I used to get Error 47 messages until i deleted two other network settings I had set up in error.

I just want to be able to log in like i used too but at least i can log in uunlike some.

AOL on line Tech was not at all helpful, I am at my wits end with this fault.

any suggestions as to what I might try please?

  stlucia 11:37 16 May 2008

Things seem to have improved a bit, without me taking any action: I can always get a connection using AOL Dialler and, if I try to log on using the AOL desktop icon (to check my email), I can now usually get a connection first time.

But it's still not like it used to be, where I could always get a connection using the AOL desktop icon :-(

  realist 16:46 16 May 2008

The process for going online on our AOL pc's is now to connect using the DialBB connection which was set up by the various AOL updates. You find it in Network Connections.

This means you can use IE, or any other browser, without having to first open the AOL software.

To use AOL (once the DialBB connection is established) you should get AOL version 9.0VR from click here

Remove older versions before you install VR.

  stlucia 21:31 17 May 2008

Thanks, realist.

I normally use Firefox for browsing, but I use AOL for my AOL email. If I use another email software, like OE, is there any way I can merge my saved AOL email and addresses into it?

  rdwclarke 09:35 13 Jun 2008

Apparently, AOL are updating, providing a "new improved service" for broadband. "Dial-up" in this context does not refer to dial up at all.
Go to:
click here

  provider 2 10:23 13 Jun 2008

Wonderful world of AOL!

The ship sank nearly two months ago but here are some detailed instructions on how to deploy the lifeboats.

Bless `em.

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