AOL changes contract conditions?

  Miros 12:19 20 Oct 2007

I have just briefly read through the new terms and conditions announced by AOL.

To me it's a gobbledygook minefield of legal speak jargon, has anyone with a better understanding of the implications got any advice to give in more simple speak please?

In particular if I accept, or more correctly don't object to the new terms and conditions, will it mean that I start a new contract which will tie me in for another period of say 12 months?

The new terms and conditions can been seen here click here I would appreciate any help on this matter.

  Miros 12:21 20 Oct 2007

We are writing to let you know about some important changes we are making to some of the conditions under which your AOL Access services are provided:

Your Member Agreements will be updated
Our Member Services number is changing
Change of address for TPH Services Sàrl

These changes will not affect the quality of the service you receive from AOL Broadband.
The quality of the service that you receive will not be affected by these changes. You do not need to take any action as a result of this notification. However we do recommend that you read on to fully understand these changes and how they affect you.

1. Your Member Agreements will be updated
We have made some changes to the AOL Access, AOL Broadband and AOL Talk Agreements. You can review these Agreements at: click here

The main updates we have made are as follows:

Charges and billing
In the future, we may on occasion have a requirement to change your billing date. We currently have no plans to do this, but should we need to we will give you 30 days notice of any such change.

Migration of our network
We are continuously working to align new systems and processes in order to ensure the continued quality of your service.

As a result, we will need to make further changes to our network over the next few months. Some of these changes may be visible to you but are not expected to affect the quality of your service. For example, dial-up access to the internet for broadband using a 0845 number will eventually be removed from direct use, but will still be possible in certain circumstances if you notify us - for example if your broadband connection fails for any reason.
You do not need to notify us now - we will let you know when this comes in effect, as well as any other exceptional circumstances where the changes we make to our network may affect your service.

2. Our Member Services number is changing
From 26th November 2007, the main Member Services customer support number will be changing from 0870 320 2020 to 0844 499 5555.

Calls to this new number will remain chargeable. The good news is that where calls were previously charged at up to 7.51p/min from BT landlines, any calls to the new number will be charged at a flat rate of 5p/min, whenever you need to call Member Services. Call charges from mobiles/other providers may vary.

Both numbers will be in operation from now until 26th November 2007 from which time only the new number will work. Please make a note of it now for future reference.

3. Change of address for TPH Services Sàrl
Please be aware that TPH Services Sàrl, the company that provides your AOL Access Services, has recently moved to a new address. As a result, your contract will be updated with their new contact details, which are as follows: Green Office Park, Parc d'Activitès Syrdall 6, L-5365 Munsbach, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

What happens next?
You do not have to do anything as a result of these changes. Your current agreements will remain unaffected until the above changes take effect from 26th November 2007.

The changes set out in this email amend the terms and conditions applicable to your AOL Access Services, and your continued subscription to the AOL Access Services will effectively show your acceptance of these new terms. Please be aware that usage of AOL's Access Services is at all times subject to our Fair Usage Policy and usage caps, and that AOL retain their formal rights to terminate usage not in accordance with that policy.

If you do have any queries about these changes, please do not hesitate to ask - we have set up a dedicated email address at [email protected] and we will endeavour to answer your queries as soon as we can. For other ways to contact us, please visit click here.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for being a customer of AOL Broadband and we hope that you continue to enjoy our services.

Yours sincerely,

Alain Meric
Executive Director, Member Services
AOL Broadband

  kdt 11:27 21 Oct 2007

I just sent them an email stating the the expiry date of the contract I had accepted at£9.99 for silver and that any amendments or changes to the contrary not acceptable to me I reserve the right to leave without any penalties

  Miros 06:49 22 Oct 2007

That's excellent advice I must do the same. Thank you kdt.

To my untutored eye it does look as though they are giving themselves options which could be to their advantage, though in the blurb somewhere it does mention that it is subject to fair usage policy what ever that means? I suspect that if you download to much it will mean that they can alter your subscription accordingly.

  Miros 10:22 22 Oct 2007

Done as you suggested and just received a reply reaffirming my current contract details and it's expiry date.
They also state that. " We would like to inform you that these changes will not affect the price you pay for the AOL subscription or the quality of your service."

I'm quite happy with that and will very likely renew when the time comes, next December.

  kdt 14:56 22 Oct 2007

we have hedged our bets now let's see what unfolds in the next few weeks then play by the contract ends in feb 08...wait & see.i can have free sky since we spend £65 or so on their package with 2 boxes but still i am partial to aol where we have been for the past 3 years or so.

  Miros 15:35 22 Oct 2007

Yep, when you read some of the problems others have with their ISP's I think AOL comes up trumps, certainly since I got a new wireless router from them it's been fault free for me.

The price also is right @ £9.99p a month. The only one who may beat them on price I think is Talk Talk as they also include line rental and free calls in their package, I know also that they did have a lot of connection problems earlier this year though.

  kdt 16:20 22 Oct 2007

aol has sold out to talk talk(carphone warehouse) don't know whether by this email they are getting out completely.that is the only thing which would affect my decision whether to renew in whatever there might be cause for complaints against aol they are still better than others out there including sky hence the reason i am paying 9.99 extra whereas sky would be free for us.

  Miros 20:10 22 Oct 2007

Talk Talk (Carphone) have bought out AOL but as I understand it they are run as two independent outfits.

Sky would be to much for my limited resources so I wouldn't consider them myself. Talk Talk we will see when the time comes in December.

  Miros 20:14 22 Oct 2007

Just read this Re: Sky click here not very promising!

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