aol cant find modem

  ellie82 10:11 03 Mar 2008


here is the scenario (My friend computer)

Aol dial-up 9.0 I set her up a computer around 3 weeks ago, its XP, 512 ram, plenty of spec for the job. meets aol requirements.

has been working fine. internet no problems etc. she went on yesterday am it worked. went on yesterday pm and it wont go on.

tried system restore to a time when it would work, no joy. have tried uninstalling the aol software etc. even swapped the internal modem. Aol just says cannot detect a modem. the device manager says the modem is fine.... Have tried the aol website and followed their instructions on there with no joy.

When it goes onto the net it usually comes up with the aol number its dialing but now it says TCP/IP. Any ideas? Maybe i should try and revert it back to a younger version? I have tried plugging in a laptop into the same line and it works no problem. its running version 5.0 i think.


  rdave13 10:25 03 Mar 2008

When you start the AOL software, in the log in screen there should be a connection options tab. Click on that and set-up the dial-up connection again.

  ellie82 10:29 03 Mar 2008

tried that, it just says it cannot find connection divice.

It sounds like she went online, maybe somekind of update came on from AOL and now it doesnt work. Anymore ideas?

  provider 2 10:35 03 Mar 2008

It might be an idea to try AOL "quick restore" which will take you back to the the original installation.

All progams> AOL> System Information> Ulilities> Quick Restore. It may be called "restore now" depending on which version you have.

  ellie82 10:50 03 Mar 2008

I am going there this evening to see if i can sort it out. I will give that a try, I need to go there with as many things to try as I can.

Her computer is currently at my house plugged into my broadband so that I could do windows updates etc. should i download anything that you think may of be use to go armed with?

I am running version 9.0


  provider 2 10:56 03 Mar 2008

The installation disc, she will have anyway so nothing else suggests itself. In any case AOL quick restore is a faster and more convenient way of doing much the same thing, although some favourites may be lost.

Also, you should remember that once you press System Information it can take up to 30 seconds for the page to appear. Sit tight and wait.

  provider 2 10:59 03 Mar 2008

Sorry, forgot to ma mention AOL slowdown problems caused by a change to CPW servers are common at the moment.

  ellie82 11:07 03 Mar 2008

an AOL restore wont work if i have uninstalled and re-installed already will it?

System information within AOL? sorry, i am not hugely familiar with AOL.

Slowdowns wouldnt affect the ability of the software to detect my modem would it? I have had a quick scout round the net and it seems others have had the problem before, so far i havent found any solutions on their discussions.....

  ellie82 11:09 03 Mar 2008

I also noticed that when i took the computer to my house and plugged it into my router it didnt just find the internet, i had to change settings first. I assume this is due to AOL software changing the settings during installation.

  provider 2 11:17 03 Mar 2008


You`re coming up with a whole heap of things now that need to be addressed one at a time.

The AOL software is designed so that even people who don`t know much about pc s can sort things but it isn`t all that fast or efficient as a rule.

Try the AOL quick restore first and see if that helps then come back to us for further help if it`s ineffective.

The slowdown I referred to has the effect of making pages slow, sometimes very slow to load but you can still connect.

  ellie82 11:24 03 Mar 2008

yes, but as i said, can i restore when I have already uninstalled? surely it would have nothing to restore to? I have already uninstalled and re-installed version 9.0.....

I am happy to go away and do that and then come back if you think the quick restore will work when i have already uninstalled and re-installed aol 9.0

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