AOL can't access (most) secure pages.

  PaulB2005 10:32 20 Oct 2005

Friends Windows XP SP2 PC
AOL Gold
Netgear ADSL Router

Says for the last week he suddenly can't acess secure pages. Popped up this morning and checked a few things and logged into my Blueyonder acount fine.

Then tried all the sites he wants to acess. The pages just won't load.


www . dabs . com

Add a couple of items to the basket. Then Checkout. On my PC it shows the login screen but on his he gets all the bits at the side and the top but where the login screen should be there is nothing (under "Existing customers can login below to access your account" it is blank) and the page just fails to load.

Same with many other sites.

Starnge the Blueyonder WebMail worked but Hotmail, Dabs and about a dozen others don't.

Have checked settings for router, IE and AOL.

Can't think what to do next.

Any ideas please?

  PaulB2005 10:36 20 Oct 2005

Oh and NIS 2005 and NAV 2003 installed, uninstalled, reinstalled, updated. No difference.

  feb 10:44 20 Oct 2005

Hi PaulB2005

Has he got Java installed and is it up to date?

  PaulB2005 10:55 20 Oct 2005

Not sure. All worked ok until a few days ago. How do you check Java is installed and up to date?

  feb 11:01 20 Oct 2005

Open the control panel, double click the java icon to open the java control panel, select the update tab at the top and then click update now at the bottom.

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