Aol cancelling

  FRANNY 22:27 17 Feb 2008

I have had no connection to aol for 9 days now and i said i wanted to cancell,but they said i could not,does 9 days of no connection contitute breach of contract.

  RobCharles1981 22:45 17 Feb 2008

9 Days that really sucks!

You have to keep nagging them to cancel thats what I would do because they won't listen to you. Far better ISP's around than AOL.

  Jak_1 23:05 17 Feb 2008

Clearly something is definately wrong, what reson have they given for the downtime and what sort of compensation have they offered. If you get no joy from them contact Oftel and Trading Standards.

  mrwoowoo 02:13 18 Feb 2008

If they are not sure why you can't connect try this.
If using xp and aol 9vr try installing it in safemode after completely removing/uninstalling all other aol versions and files.

  merciarich 06:55 18 Feb 2008

Note in the terms and conditions it goes on about "not being liable in the event of loss of service" and they list a load of things like earthquakes, acts of god, storms etc

You will probably find either this or some other get-out clause which will render them not liable

I was with AOL for ages and twice my service went down. The worst occasion was down for 37 days.... and unfortunately it was due to "an act of god" that stopped by phone line from accepting a signal.
What they meant to say was a part in the local telephone exchange "exploded" and apparantly this was "gods doing"....... I mean, god has other things to worry about, let alone setting fire to my local telephone exchange.

Anyways, read the Terms and Conditions, it will be in there that regardless of the reason, they are not at fault. I did however, receive 3 months service for free, so all was not lost :)

Best of luck with this issue.

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