AOL-Broadbank and laptop use.

  jack 20:05 14 Sep 2005

I was set this poser[for me any way because I know nozzing about AOL]
My questioner says He is on AOL it seems it uses a dedicated software as opposed to OE6 et al.
He is being pestered to go Broad band and he says,
they have dropped one version of software for another that does not work too well for him.
He uses his laptop on his travels, so if he finds himself on a part of the country not BB enabled how would he get on if he shifted to BB, indeed he is unsure and I dont know if BB us possible with a lappie on its travels.
So you travellers what gives

  Jackcoms 20:26 14 Sep 2005

He could try changing to a proper ISP, such as Tiscali, and drop AOL

  jack 20:59 14 Sep 2005

Just what I said to him -Tiscali and Ukonline was mentioned.
but waht about the 'mobile lappie broadband'
is that possible?

  Chegs ® 21:08 14 Sep 2005

As its the phoneline at home that has to be ADSL enabled,he won't be able to connect to it on his travels.

  Jackcoms 21:18 14 Sep 2005

As a rule your home 'phone line/number becomes BB enabled when you first sign up for BB with your chosen ISP. Thus, my home phone line is enabled for me to use BB with my ISP (Tiscali).

However, if I took my laptop to my mum's house at the other end of the country and plugged it in to her phone line, nothing would happen because her line is not BB enabled.

If your friend is in a hotel, for example, he can probably connect in his room (probably at vast expense) using the hotel's ISP as a gateway.

If he's in the area of a wi-fi hotspot he will again be able to connect to a wireless network (at vast expense) if his laptop has a wireless card.

If he's in an area which isn't BB enabled, the question doesn't arise - no-one can connect via BB.

  jack 08:41 15 Sep 2005

Thank you all - just as I was trying to explain to him, but I guess AOL were trying a little too hard and he is in right state of confusion.

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