AOL Broadband and Spyware

  Elrond 10:31 19 Aug 2004

Hi people. After my brother in law got a new PC the other week he then got himself connected to AOL BB. Iinstalled it for him last week and all seemed fine. However, there have now been a few cases where the little modem isnt powering up with the PC or not sendind data. So he got onto AOL and they've told him that it is probably spyware that is affecting the modem. Now I dont know a lot about the affects spyware can have and my understanding only goes as far as knowing that it tracks ur surfing habits and sends info back to the originator etc. Can it really stop the modem from working or have AOL fobbed him off? My first instinct was the latter but I thought i'd come and ask yu wonderful people what you thought, or maybe you've experienced a similar problem if ur on AOL BB. Thanks for your time.

  Graham ® 10:50 19 Aug 2004

If the modem is USB, check that it is on a hub on its own, nothing in the second port. The modem needs all the power available on one hub. Check in Device Manager.

  Elrond 11:02 19 Aug 2004

The modem is USB and is plugged into one of the two ports at the back of the PC. There is something else plugged into the other port which is the printer.

  Graham ® 11:33 19 Aug 2004

Unplug the printer to test.

  Elrond 12:51 19 Aug 2004

AOL have done an online check of the modem and say there's nothing wrong with it. However, theyve said that if you go onto your PC and use it without logging onto AOL then if you go to log on to AOL a bit later it will automatically revert to using the dial up modem and if you want to use the BB modem you need to turn PC off then unplug USB modem, turn PC on then reconnect modem. Now thats not right is it.

  tomtom10 13:02 19 Aug 2004

we had a similar problem with our AOL BB, and we used system restore. Use it to restore to the point before your brother had these problems. everything is now hunky-dory, so give system restore a try.

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