AOL Broadband Speed

  Tankie 74 19:36 19 Apr 2007

I have been with AOL for the last 15 months. Service is OK. However I am paying £17.99 for AOL Silver. Using A Beltroniac website the speed I appear to be getting is as follows:
Download KBps 119.30, Kpbs 954.40 Upload appears to be 224 Kbps.
I understand from a friend who has contacted AOL that the other way of determining the speed is to multiply the two figures at the RH bottom of the screen by 8. Therefor Tx 288 x 8 = 2304 and 2272 x 8 = 18176.
Comments please on the figures and interpretation.

  wolfie3000 19:39 19 Apr 2007

Your speed is about right, im on AOL Silver too and get the same results.

Just on a side note, Aol will be bringing in a speed boost soon, :)

  rdave13 20:11 19 Apr 2007

I'm still on a 12 month contract with aol silver as I downgraded from platinum. I pay £14.99 for the service and using click here my speed is still 1 meg. 972.62 Kbps ( 0.9 Mbps ) and upload of 363.72 Kbps ( 0.4 Mbps ).

If you're thinking of staying with AOL, then it might be worth giving them a ring and asking them why you're still paying £17.99 for a 1 meg silver service when new customers are getting 2 meg for £14.99. Explain politely that you're not happy and thinking of moving. You might get a good offer from them but it will tie you down for another 12 month contract.

  Tankie 74 19:44 28 Apr 2007

Thanks for that I have contacted AOL and they have put me on another 12 months contract with a promise of 2 MB in 7 datys time plus 1 months free subs and £14.99 therafter.

  Nick1981 20:47 28 Apr 2007

Hi All, Im with AOL and im not sure my connection on Silver is good enough. Is it limited by the router i use (netgear)? How would i check the speed?

  rdave13 01:33 29 Apr 2007

Excellent news. Your'e better off than me now.:(
Expecting two meg by July sometime.

Nick1981, this is really hijacking Tankie 74's thread and you should start your own. However as I've replied to Tankie 74 now so I may as well reply to you and hope Tankie won't mind.

Use my previous link, ie.. click here and should give you a relatively accurate speed test result.
Also there are new drivers for the Netgear here .

  rdave13 01:41 29 Apr 2007

Ignore my last link, Netgear drivers here .

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