AOL Broadband Silver

  Rhuddlan 22:31 03 Oct 2005

A friend has just got AOL Broadband Silver and I a non AOL user, never used it before have successfully installed the drivers etc, but now I can't seem to get the comp to dial out for BB, her old dial up connection attempts to dial up, even though the old dial up modem isn't connected to the comp anymore. Been into network connections but the AOL Broadband deafult connection won't connect, any ideas? AOL have been terrible!

  pharte 23:53 03 Oct 2005

first rule with aol is to use only the modems / routers they specify.
2nd rule is to go into router settings and make sure that the mtu size is set at 1400 maximum.
3rd rule is to look up the configuration of the software and modem settings on the aol website which is very comprehensive and should give you some sort of answer.
Failing that the helpline is very good and open until about 12.00 as long as you have the prescribed modem.

  phil46 01:46 04 Oct 2005

If you are on silver you will get no support on routers ect you have tobe on gold another thing with AOL if your one year is up and you continue with the service DON'T CHANGE YOUR PACKAGE BECAUSE
One of AOL'S sting in the tail.

  wilco33 09:52 04 Oct 2005

Was thinking of signing up for AOL Silver BB my-
self but seeing your post phil46, will think twice!! Any advice which ISP offers best BB deal?
Have been dial-up with AOL four years & its been
ok. Thx.

  phil46 11:35 04 Oct 2005

I can not complain about the dial up or broadband service i had that for three years,but in my view what they are doing now is unlawful.
I'm sorry Rhuddlan for nicking your thread didn't
mean to.

  tizerlily 12:41 04 Oct 2005

aol actually put me to gold without my permission I had a big battle but was put back on silver yet apparently my account says gold, I have had various issues since changing to bb about 2 years ago mainly modem problems as i am updating to a new computer and xp i asked if they would renew my modem they said certainly madam that will be £90 I tried informing them this modem cannot cope with 98SE but they wont budge,so told them fine i'll go elsewhere 5 years with you and you couldnt care they said when i went on gold i took a new contract for a year so would have to buy out,, I said no I am on silver i never changed but so far still on going with them,,,I was also asked was there no one in my household spoke english as they had difficulty understanding me,,I am a scot who has lived in england for 24 years I think my english is pretty good

  Rhuddlan 21:45 04 Oct 2005

Thanks for the help guys, still haven't got any further on the matter. Have reinstalled AOL drivers and software still to no avail. AOL didn't help for the second time again today! My friend is getting really desprate now! she is paying for something she isn't even using. It makes me think it has something to do with the filters and extension lead as the comp is in her bedroom and the only phone line down in the hall way about 10 meters away, anyother ideas?

  feb 09:51 05 Oct 2005

Hi Rhuddlan

do you have the voyager 105 modem? if so are there any green lights showing on the modem and how many?

  Rhuddlan 20:59 05 Oct 2005

Hi Feb, yes it is that model modem. There is one green light on the modem and every few seconds for a few seconds the dsl light flashes on the modem and the arrow icons flash yellow in the taskbar, can't seem to create a connection for it in network connections, the connection should automactically be created. Can you help?

  flyingbrit 22:54 05 Oct 2005

i think i might be able to help but not until tomorrow evening(i'm at work now and i need to be on my pc to work out exactly what i did.)it is something to do with internet options in control have to tick a box that says never dial up a connection.then everything worked ok for me.......hope this helps if not i'll see you tomorrow britsdad

  Zebrapec 23:02 05 Oct 2005

I am on AOL silver, tried to get on Gold but could'nt because bt does not support that speed of line where I live. (its in the small print). However, I use to get yellow arrows and red one's and the only way I got round it was to put the aol disc in again and re-install every thing, and re-connect the 105 modem as though you where doing it for the first time, like it says in the instructions.This I found cured it every time. Hope this helps.

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