Aol broadband problem!

  Doug4663 12:22 27 Aug 2003

Hope i can find the solution here :( i have installed aol broadband and using bt voyager 100 modem, I seem to connect first time but always getting disconected, it can run from as little as 2 minutes to 3 hours befor it shuts down i get message saying pleaserestart your pc or call member services,i have called them dozons of times but hey still have not come upwith the answer, short from saying now all i can do is cancal my contract hope someone can help me! thank you in advance

  Jester2K II 12:39 27 Aug 2003

Can you give the full error message please?

  The Sack 12:42 27 Aug 2003

Your USB port is cutting the power to the modem by the sound of it.

Go to the device manager and look for network adapters, expand this and you will see Globespan USB ADSL WAN modem, right click this and open its properties and go to power managment and uncheck allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. then go down to USB controllers and expand that and find which root hub the modem is on and turn off the power managment there also.

If that doesnt work then you will have to put the modem on a powered USB hub as your PC cant supply the current the modem needs.

  sil_ver 12:50 27 Aug 2003

Cor! You learn summut every day. Thank's for that bit of info :-))

  The Sack 13:25 27 Aug 2003

The problem is the modem draws 500mA and the USB port can only deliever 500mA, so if the USB port is giving slightly less current or the modem is drawing slightly more the PC shuts it off.

  Doug4663 13:26 27 Aug 2003

an aol error has accured, if you recive this message repeatedlly please go to aol keyword help, then underneath it says...please check your settings and try again please restart your pc to reconect or contact member services

  Doug4663 14:12 27 Aug 2003

the power managment on the wan driver is switched off, but when i look in root hub there doesnt seem to be anywhere to click power managment off

  Doug4663 14:14 27 Aug 2003

how do i put my modem on a powered usb hub?

  Djohn 15:52 27 Aug 2003

Need to buy one, it will sit on your desk, or anywhere that is convenient. Plugs into mains power and one USB connection to the rear of your PC, this will then give you an extra 4 USB outlets. Belkin do them, but there are a few that are well recommended, others will advise on the best to go for. j.

  Jester2K II 16:10 27 Aug 2003

Is your modem plugged in to the PC directly or via an external hub?

  Doug4663 16:17 27 Aug 2003

my modem is external plugged into usb socket on back of pc if thas what your asking im bit new to pcs the usb socket is internal

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