AOL Broadband - Phone Interference

  Gran 20:34 14 Jul 2004

I'm using broadband with AOL 9 and a Voyager 100 modem. This is connected from the main BT phone port via an extension which is less than 10 mtrs long.

If I am online and the telephone comes into use, either by someone making an outward call or when an incoming call occurs, the DSL signal breaks up and consequently I lose my internet connection. This is slightly intermittant, but very very regular.

I have tried swapping filters to no avail. I have also tried connecting the modem to the BT port directly with a longer screened cable (via filter etc) and bypassing the extension. This makes no difference. I have not tried swapping the modem 'cos I only have one. The fault has developed during the last few weeks, and was not there from the outset.

I suspect some sort of cross-talk problem either on the line or at the exchange. I have phoned BT on 151, but they say I must progress this through AOL. I understand this and have no problems with that request, except the waiting time to get through to AOL on the phone!!!

Before I start along this route, does anyone have any other ideas please?


  Graham ® 20:44 14 Jul 2004

Report a fault to BT as voice calls intermittently noisy and cutting off. Have you tried the line test facility on 151?

  Gran 20:59 14 Jul 2004

Thanks for that. I will try BT again because you seem to have confirmed my suspicions about a noisy line etc.

I have not tried the line test on 151. Not sure how to do that, unless it walks us through it when we call. I'll have a go and see what happens.

When I called BT though, they didn't want to know because they said I was an AOL customer and had to report the fault via AOL. I'm really not happy about a possible game of ping pong.


  Graham ® 21:06 14 Jul 2004

BT will not accept faults regarding broadband, as their customer is AOL. They will accept faults on voice.

  richierich 21:18 14 Jul 2004

Had the same problem, it was only solved by going back to AOL who got on to BT who came round and fitted a special type of filter.
BT wont deal with you directly, you have to go back to AOL

  Gran 21:47 14 Jul 2004

Thanks for your helpful updates.

I started the auto line test but was referred back to BT, probably because it was to the same phone. The 151 man ran the test and then called back. It seems that the error code told him that the loop test timed out at the ADSL filters here. Thus the filter(s) are suspect and he recommended changing them first.

After that I will have to go to AOL because, as you say and as I did know, BT will only take calls from AOL. It looks as though I may have a similar problem to you Richierich although this problem seems to have developed recently rather than being there from installation. It has only been a problem for the last few weeks and I've been on broadband since last year.


  Gran 11:43 15 Jul 2004

I've now ordered 2 new ADSL filters and a new RJ11 modem cable. When these arrive I'll install them and see if the problem is fixed or not. If not, I'll then call AOL and follow up the problem by that route. In the meantime, I'll close this as resolved, and thank you for your help and ideas. I hope that one of the above solutions will fix the problem. Thanks again.


  stlucia 12:14 15 Jul 2004

I know they don't cost much, and it's too late if you've placed an order; but didn't AOL supply the filters, and shouldn't they replace them for you?

  The Spires 12:29 15 Jul 2004

I had problems with interference on my DECT phones I bought a couple of XF-1e filters & the difference was incredible, despite having decent filters before (Speed Touch ones). They are worth every penny in my opinion. click here

  Cesar 10:03 16 Jul 2004

Before you do anything else Go to Keyword "AOL Broadband Check-Up" and run the programme this should report Faults and offer to fix them.

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