AOL broadband Networking? anyone having trouble?

  Dijpo 13:09 19 Jan 2005

I recently aquired Aol braodband with a 1mb connection hoping to network accross the 4 computers in my house. This never really happened as whenever I go through the setup wizard It get's to the point at the end of setup (for the router) where you save the settings and connect to the internet, the settings save and the ADSL light flashes for about 10 seconds, then a error window appears saying something like "invalid phone book entry". I don't have a clue what that means and I don't see why a phone book entry would have anything to do with me getting my network to connecct to the internet. So for the time being I'm having to use my USB modem on the one computer alone. I've been in conatct with AOL tech support aswell and they have told me that I'm not really eligible for technical support as I did not buy the Belkin or Thompson Routers and modems they have for sale with the Broadband. CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP???

  bob1234 13:15 19 Jan 2005

It will not work. Even expert network engineers bault at sharing an AOL connection. Sorry. AOL should really have told you that. Using ANY other ISP will be a piece of cake. Is it too late to cancel?

  gold 47 13:16 19 Jan 2005

You will be lucky this is something AOL does not support,where still waiting for AOL to comment on this as they said they would last.
If they have commented i can't recall seeing anythink about it.

  Dijpo 13:18 19 Jan 2005

Aol offer the Thompson and Belkin routers and modems for sale with the Broad Band surely they would not do this unless their BroadBand was networkable??

  The Sack 13:27 19 Jan 2005

Not very expert then are they?

AOL fully supports networking with any router that supports PPPoA.

The master screen name must be stored in the router and the password must be 8 letters.

The MTU on the router must be set to 1400

If possible the MRU on the router should be set to 1400, if not then find the BT network optimization tool from Google and set the MTU on the network cards to 1400 as well.

Connect your other PC's to the router and do not bother with any wizards.

Thats it, job done. Just click on your browsers icon and away you go.

  Dijpo 13:42 19 Jan 2005

thanks this sound a bit more promising.

I have set my master screen name and password but don't you mean nore more than 8 chrecters or exactly 8 charecters???

anyway I have set my MTU & MRU to 1400 on the routers set up wizard. I can't get the computer that that's hard wired to the router to get an internet connection so is there any point in me worrying about the other wireless network cards? plus they seem to be picking up the signal from the network when the routers on anyway.


  Mango Grummit 13:53 19 Jan 2005

I can't help you because I don't know what OS you are on. I use WinME and had no trouble at all getting three machines all accessing the internet using my AOL connection.

Once again I see, as soon as AOL is mentioned, some people who know nothing about AOL feel compelled to say something stupid.

AOL can be networked and works successfully for thousands of people.

  Dijpo 14:07 19 Jan 2005

All of the computers in my house are on Win XP.

I don'y have anything against AOl although I don't find there technical supprot phoneline very helpful as I keep being told different things. and one guy even told me that he couldn't help me because "the router I purchased was not part of there supported range".

  The Sack 14:08 19 Jan 2005

Make sure the router is set to PPPoA and not PPPoE.

You password has to be 8 charactors if your original password was more than this then try using the first 8 letters or connect to AOL with your DSL modem and alter your password.

  Shas 14:21 19 Jan 2005

Into my postings for future reference.

At the moment I have two computers sharing AOL9 broadband by way of Analogx Proxy Server (free and easy to set up, from www., which works ok but the host machine does have to be on and everything up and running for the client pc to get online - not really a problem but I understand that with a router you don't have to do this?

  CHAIRLEG 14:34 19 Jan 2005

If you go to aol keywords and enter networking it will give you loads of info.

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