AOL Broadband Modem.

  bremner 17:32 27 Jan 2004

I am trying to help a colleague who has AOL Broadband. I have two questions if anyone can assist please.

1. Does any ADSL modem works with an AOL connection or does it have to be the AOL Broadband in a box modem.

2. Does the AOL Broadband in a box modem have both USB and Ethernet outputs.


  Djohn 18:42 27 Jan 2004

Hi bremner, AOL normally offer the BT Voyager 100 USB modem for connecting to their Broadband service, though I believe they now also offer a router as well. j.

  bremner 19:39 27 Jan 2004

Thanks Djohn for that.

I've had a look and that modem seems only to have a USB output.

  Djohn 19:46 27 Jan 2004

Yes, the Voyager 100 is USB only. j.

  bremner 19:53 27 Jan 2004

If I connect this click here to the modem will this enable me to then connect via ethernet to a router?

  bremner 17:08 03 Feb 2004

Following on from this - has anyone with AOL succesfully used a router other than AOL's recommended Speedtouch 570 to network AOL.


  Djohn 18:05 03 Feb 2004

Hi bremner, scroll down to the bottom of this link and read the post from "The sack". click here Also you can use AOL without installing the software if you follow the insructions from "The Sack in this thread. click here

  bremner 18:37 03 Feb 2004

Thanks very much for the two links - just what I was after.

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