Rodney-211388 15:24 18 Nov 2005

Dare I raise the subject? but I will because the AOL Help facilities are not at all helpful, being polite!

I have just transferred to AOL Gold broadband service on an XP system. I am on a rural BT exchange.

Everything works just fine from early morning until early evening with just an occasional hic-cup at lunchtime, sometimes. By early evening I get an error message telling me that a connectiion is unplugged (which it isn't) and that there is no signal (which is obviously true). No matter what I do, I cannot connect. So, I then have to wait until the next morning to connect, so far with no problem. Not very good for £X.XX a month.

I have done all the statutory checks - reloaded drivers, checked wiring, A/V scan etc etc. The fact that it works for much of the time indicates that the problem isn't with my system but rather with either BT or AOL.

Has anyone had similar problems?

Also, I have been unable to connect via dial up - despite AOL stating that telephone number selection is automatic, mine clearly isn't. It must still be dialling 0800 number rather than 0845.

Any ideas?

  driving man 15:41 18 Nov 2005

If you are in the country it is possible you are a long way from your exchange. It may be ok in the day but evenings (after kids get home )there might just be too much other traffic for the loines to cope. Has your neighbour by any chance got broadband and if so the same problem. No matter what it sounds like a BT problem and I suggest you get in touch with their broadband dept.

  driving man 15:44 18 Nov 2005

further to my answer I have a freephone number you might try. I have this number because yesterday I change to BT from cable and my broadband went down for a while . Number is 0800 800880

  driving man 15:46 18 Nov 2005

Reading the last part of your letter do you realise that if on AOL broadband you pay by the minute if you use their dial up

  Rodney-211388 16:40 18 Nov 2005

Thanks for the phone number - I will give them a call.

And yes, I do realise that it will cost but it is the only option for emails etc if broadband is dead.

  Rodney-211388 07:52 24 Nov 2005

Finale - I am not a Broadband technician but all the signs point to a BT/AOL problem given that my connection works perfectly during less busy times of the day but fails at times of peak activity. Resolution looks difficult!

However, I have now installed a wi-fi network which has eliminated an extension lead and, whilst the evening performance remains somewhat fragile, I have been able to get a signal when I couldn't before. Early days but fingers crossed.

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