Beaujolais 23:31 10 Feb 2003


I have a Mesh PC (AMD Athlon XP2400+ which has 2:00Ghz and 512MB of RAM) running on Windows XP Home Edition.

I'm trying to install AOL Broadband using their installation pack which includes the BT Voyager USB ASDL Modem.
I have carefully followed the installation guide and my connections have been checked and found to be OK by a BT engineer. Both lights are green on the Broadband modem and I have downloaded and successfully installed the latest drivers for Windows XP (AOL BT Voyager PPOA DSL Driver V2.3). However, when trying to install AOL Broadband from the CD provided (using "Current Member" and adding "Existing AOL A/C") I do not get the option of choosing to select "DSL: Digital Subscriber Line". The only two options displayed are:
1) Modem (telephone line connection); &
2) TCP/IP: LAN or ISP etc.

I have lost count of the number of times I have uninstalled and reinstalled both the Modem drivers and the AOL programme and, in an endeavour to rectify the problem, have painstakingly gone through all the Troubleshoot guides without success. I can also confirm that my line has been broadbanded.

Under System/Hardware/Device Manager/Modems - only the existing internal modem that came with the PC is listed and this enables me to access the non-broadband version of AOL. Incidentally, prior to attempting to install and run AOL Broadband, I have also recently been experiencing problems with AOL V7.0 narrowband - I have not been able to surf the internet. Could the version of Internet Explorer 6,0 on my PC be corrupted?

The BT Voyager ASDL modem is listed as a separate icon under Control Panel. AOL has just sent me a replacement modem but the result is still the same.

Any assistance/advice anyone is able to offer would be much appreciated.


  faichfolds 23:36 10 Feb 2003

What happens when you click on ie

  faichfolds 00:24 11 Feb 2003

I'm working on supposition here so forgive me if I mention stuff that you are sick of trying.
Both green lights are on your modem so that is NOT the problem. I have the same modem.
The problem must be with your AOL software, and or its configuration.
You say you click as "Current User" are there options for "new user" as ADSL may count as a "new" account?
With BT broadband on XP when you click on IE you still get the dial up connection box. In the drop down connect with, what are your options? Is there a broadband connection listed there?
Have you 'phoned the AOL help line?
What about repairing IE. Goto add/remove programs and select IE, click Repair
I hope this is of some use

  Kyomii 00:38 11 Feb 2003

You do not have to set up the modem properties with the AOL software - so you are NOT given the option of choosing the modem because DSL needs no further configuration (there are no phone numbers etc)

You should load the *broadband* software - existing account, and when loaded it should reboot and detect protocols/network etc.

Two green lights on the modem indicate success.

Now, when it has rebooted it has to connect (DO NOT change the name in the drop down menu!!!) - it then asks you for your username and password to confirm your account for the FIRST time for broadband, and then you should be fine.

get in touch with AOL support if you experience any further problems.

  Kyomii 00:51 11 Feb 2003

I think your narrowband modem may also be interfering with the connection. Go to internet options (via control panel) make sure the AOL DIAL UP connection is not set as default.

Now, choose, "never dial a connection" and apply.

Then, go to Internet options again, highlight BT Voyager ADSL modem connection in the list, then click on properties - in the next box that appears, click on properties again ( near bottom right) and, under the "general" tab make sure the following are ticked:

ISDN channel: USB modem
The phone number should display 0,38
If "all devices use same number" is checked that is why your narrowband won't work, but, leave it ticked for now until you troubleshoot your ADSL connection.

There are more things to be ticked in this properties box, and it will be easier if you let me know what the settings are. I have a feeling that your modem is ticked in this box and your modem is unticked - if so, tick the USB modem and untick the 56k as suggested.

Don't forget to reboot.

  Kyomii 00:53 11 Feb 2003

Sorry the last bit should read that I have a feeling that your narrowband modem is ticked in this box and your USB ADSL modem is unticked - if so, tick the USB modem and untick the 56k as suggested

  faichfolds 00:58 11 Feb 2003

Just out of interest, should the AOL software or instructions not have pointed that out?

  graham 10:46 11 Feb 2003

Good morning. Sorry you're having problems with Broadband AOL, mine was OK. It's difficult to tell what the problem is, but I can give some additional info.

First, you should get the option to choose DSL when installing AOL 7. However once installed it will show as Tcp/IP Wan in Network Connections (Control Panel).

In device Manager look for Network Adaptors, not Modems. You should see GlobeSpan USB Wan modem.

Internet Explorer is not used in AOL, though you can sign on to AOL, then use the connection for IE.

This may give you some sthing to check.

  graham 10:58 11 Feb 2003

I've just noticed you have the ADSL modem in your Control Panel, what happens when you open it?

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