bpzoom 22:56 29 Apr 2003

I finally succumbed to temptation and went for AOL Broadband with free modem etc. offer. Everything arrived and line converted by BT, but after 2 days trying AOL are unable to connect me on broadband.I am told that BT who supply the modems changed the modem type without advising AOL who were unable to test it before it reached the customers. It is said to be incompatable with XP. AOL are said to be swamped witn complaints about the faulty modems. Has anyone else gone through this yet, and had their problem resolved please? If so do they know how it was fixed?

  fly2hi 23:15 29 Apr 2003

I find this truly amazing. You could be talking about 'one man oufits' working out of garden sheds. To think that BT & AOL cannot get their act together on an issue such as this one is beyond belief.

  Mango Grummit 23:20 29 Apr 2003

I'm on Win Me but had the same experience. Spent over five hours on the phone with AOL techies until eventually being passed to a "senior" techie. I never did find out what the problem was but on the basis that I'm well capable of plugging things in and installing drivers etc I reasoned something in the kit was faulty so I have cancelled it now anyway. I realise that I'm a bit impatient but when I'm paying the seller has just one chance to get it right.

Only good thing to come out of it is my line has now been unDac'd and my modem is connecting at 48+ rather than 33-.

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