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  osben 12:16 04 Mar 2004


I am not sure what forum to post this one on so have posted on both.

I am considering AOL 512K Broadband and have been offered it at £19.99 p.m. instead of the usual £27.99. Since the price difference, does anyone know if the service is exactly the same or is anything missing at the cheaper price. Secondly is their Broadband service any good compared to others


  Djohn 13:58 04 Mar 2004

osben. Just as good but different than other ISP's. No there is nothing missing from the £19.99 service, it's exactly the same. j.

  osben 14:57 04 Mar 2004

What do you mean by "different"

Are you speaking from experience when you say the service is exactly the same.

  westdudes 15:12 04 Mar 2004

im on the the 27.99 package....hmm i wonder if i could my bill down each month to that?lol bet not :( if u can get it mate, it aint that bad.the service is still the same. but dont try testing to 9.0 version quite yet...i am and it messing my comp up :(:(:(:(

  Djohn 16:13 04 Mar 2004

Hi osben. Yes, I was with AOL dial-up for almost three years, the last four months on the £19.99 Broadband service.

I found AOL to be a good ISP and all my contact with them by phone was always met with the up-most courtesy and any problem was dealt with in a polite and efficient manner.

They are different from other ISP's mainly in they provide a full package of entertainment and content that is exclusive to themselves. Other ISP's generally offer just a gateway to the internet and content of the www.

I left AOL because of their over protective "Spam" filter, I was not receiving some genuine e-mail as it was being treated as spam. This and the fact I started to have a few problems with the speed of my connection to the internet. Also I wanted to have a look at the opposition. [The grass is always greener....]

I'm now with Zen as my ISP and very pleased. "It just works all the time". I must remember to jot down their phone number in case I have a problem. Haven't been in contact with them since the first day by phone when I ordered the service.

I left AOL on good terms. [They released me from a 12 month contract] saying I was welcome back at any time. There were no problems at all in removing the software from my PC and I still look back with fond memories of being with them. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

Regards. j.

  holly polly 16:21 04 Mar 2004

here here ,been on aol b/b the best part of 12 months now and i cannot really complain ,there is online help ,help by freephone telephone -can come quite costly on other isp ,all in all cannot complain -hol pol....

  osben 16:23 04 Mar 2004

There Publicity department couldn't have wished for a better recommendation. I am a bit concerned about you comment on having problems with the speed of your connection though. Thats my main concern.

Thanks again

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