Aol & AVG+ZoneAlarm

  DWANE PYPE 17:46 25 Nov 2005

Does AVG-Zonealarm work in AOL,because a friend has just had to get in touch with Aol(Blue Yonder)
to reconnect him,during the reconnection, he was sent an E-mail, but did not recieve it, so the the person said it must be His AntiVirus,so told him to turn it off, he did, but still did not get it.After the reconnection, he sent himself one and that never arrived.
So the top and bottom of it is, are they compatible.

Thanks Inadvance,

  rdave13 23:47 25 Nov 2005

I used to use AVG but had a spot of bother on the email side.Uninstalled AVG and installed Avast antivirus.Seems Mcafee and Avast are compatible.(Mcafee firewall).No problems with Avast scanning emails etc. since 18 months.Hope this helps.

  DWANE PYPE 00:00 26 Nov 2005

Thanks for that,will bear that in mind for the W/E.
Will leave the thread open in case someone else can add anything more.

Thanks again

  driving man 00:50 26 Nov 2005

are not aol B/Band and blue yonder different animals. Anyway I use Avast and zone alarm with aol and have no probs. Just make sure that Zone alarm turns off aols firewall when you load it otherwise do it manually in security settings

  daisy2bell 08:21 26 Nov 2005

I've got aol and AVG plus McAfee firewall (free from AOL)

Not had any problems

  stlucia 08:31 26 Nov 2005

AVG and Kerio with AOL. No problems.

  Stuartli 09:20 26 Nov 2005

Sometimes, with AVG and ZoneAlarm, you have to add two .exe files to ZA's programs control and grant permission for access.

IIRC they are avginet.exe and one very similarly sounding .exe file (I've been using Avast! for a while so can't check the exact second file name and a forum Search doesn't bring the subject up).

  Stuartli 09:21 26 Nov 2005

You use the Browse feature in ZA to find and add the .exe files.

  DWANE PYPE 18:09 26 Nov 2005

Sorry! I have not replied earlier, been busy composing (if thats the word) and printing the Annual Cards,(I don't think FE wants us to mention Christmas yet. Oooops).
Thanks for all the replies,will print them off and let him read them.And let you know how we got on.
Won't be till Monday or Tuesday,??

Thanks again,

  Kaacee 16:23 27 Nov 2005

I have AOL B/B and have used both AVG and ZA for the past 12 months without any problems whatsoever...

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