AOL 9.0

  daisy2bell 22:47 02 May 2004

Has anyone had any experience with AOL 9.0.
Is it worth upgrading. Any advice appreciated

  ton 23:02 02 May 2004

I've been using AOL 9 for about 3 months now and never had a problem with it .

I particularly like the fact that you can connect without opening the AOL software and also you can use your own email program (Outlook for example).


  Djohn 23:19 02 May 2004

I used AOL 9 during the BETA testing period for approximately 10 months and it was excellent right form the start. I went through about 12 versions of 9 and each one seemed to work as it should, even the adding of new features as we progressed hardly seemed to affect it.

There were one or two bugs but these were quickly rectified and from what I've heard I believe the release version is the best software from AOL for quite some time.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:33 02 May 2004

Norton internet Security. Something to do with a clash of the firewall protections, I would dissable Norton or any other virus software when/if you upgrade till the job is done then enable again.

  daisy2bell 08:15 03 May 2004

Thanks everyone.

Yettie, do you mean disable AV and firewall whilst I install AOL 9, and when installed, activate them again?

  matt1234 08:21 03 May 2004

the best aol i have ever used

(it even fixs its own problems)

  Cesar 09:25 03 May 2004

I agree with matt1234 I have been using it for some time now and it's the best version that AOL has produced very fast loading and no broken connections.

  wolfman101180 15:10 01 May 2005

I downloaded aol 9.0 onto a new pc and it keeps disconnecting every few minutes, I tried the aol helpline who said my (brand new) modem must be too old but I used the same cd to download aol 9.o onto another computer with an older modem and it's fine. Both computers have macafee internet security.

  Dart Echo 22:48 01 May 2005

The wife uses V9 but I've stuck with V8. We are both on the net at the same time quite often.

Performance-wise there seems to be absolutely no difference at all, as far as I can see.

Also ton's point above -- "I particularly like the fact that you can connect without opening the AOL software and also you can use your own email program (Outlook for example)" -- is as true of V8 as it is V9.

I really can't see any advantage to upgrading or, to be honest, in not doing so either. Both versions are equally sound.

  gudgulf 23:15 01 May 2005

I have to agree with the comment on Norton....I could not get access to all the AOL features without fully removing NIS2005.Merely switching it off or configuring the firewall did not help.I now use the free MacAfee firewall (via AOL) and AntiVir av which let me access all the content no problem.Oddly enough a fresh install of NIS2005 worked ok until it was updated..somewhere along the line it develops a disagreement with AOL9.

AOL9 itself works very well

  hzhzhz 23:45 01 May 2005

Been on aol for a few years now, first dial up now bband platinum.No problems but I disabled norton firewall which I think was causing more problems than it was curing or preventing.

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