aol 9 and the spam problem

  oatcake 16:04 05 Nov 2004

I really like the aol interface in many ways , but spam is worse than ever even with the supposed better anti-spam. Currently getting 50-100 spams aday!I understand that Spam Inspector and MailWasher pro will work with AOL. HOW GOOD ARE THEY??

  fuzzynavel 16:09 05 Nov 2004

I know this really isn't helpful...but ditch AOL....I used to use AOL dial up about 5 years ago and I hated the restrictive interface then......My Inlaws have AOL broadband and I hate that even more....the connection is always shockingly slow....a 1mbit line is supposed to be nearly as fast as my telewest 1.5mbit....but it is as slow as a 512kbit line!!

Unfortunately AOL is one of the biggest ISPs in the world and as there are a lot of email addys they are a prime target for the likelyhood of it getting sorted any time soon are slim

  oatcake 16:17 05 Nov 2004

broadband is not available here, so dial up is the only choice. I want to keep aol-but find a decent anti spam program

  Cook2 16:37 05 Nov 2004

This click here may be your answer.

  Cook2 16:37 05 Nov 2004

This click here may be your answer.

  CurlyWhirly 18:02 05 Nov 2004

I am with AOL 9 and I have VERY LITTLE spam as if you configure the Spam Filter properly it is VERY efficient.
On my system under 'Spam Control' I have a tick by the option e-mail filtered by AOL's advanced spam filter.

I also have a tick by the option e-mail containing words on my custom word list.
In this option I add spam words like viagra & mortgage.

Finally under 'Blocked e-mail should be:' I have a tick by the option Delivered to the spam folder.
I hope this helps.

  bpzoom 19:02 05 Nov 2004

Don't understand the earlier complaint about AOL spam or broadband. I get nearly no spam at all, say 2 or 3 per week, the AOL spam controls are very good. They do cause emails to drop into the spam folder, maybe one per week, so just open the folder to see if there is a genuine email in there by mistake. Speed? No problem, I am on 1mb AOL 9 and live on the very edge of the permissable area according to the BT engineer, and the speed is around 750.

  CurlyWhirly 19:40 05 Nov 2004

I like you am on AOL Platinum and I toomlive on the very edge of the permissable area but when I run ADSL Guide's Broadband Speed Test at click here I get on average 927 kb and not 750 kb like yourself!
Something must be wrong somewhere to have that slow a speed.

  CurlyWhirly 19:42 05 Nov 2004

'toomlive' should be 'too live'

  oatcake 09:57 06 Nov 2004

I still want an answer to the question about Mailwasher pro & Spam Inspector,which seem to be the only ones I have found that work with aol(they claim)
I run a business that needs customers to be able to e-mail me and We have a busy website, so the spammers have an easy target. The aol spam controls just dont do it.

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