AOL 9 News Revolve not working

  BlackSapphire 11:51 13 Jul 2004

Hi all,

This is a bit of a problem which AOL can't seem to agree on to resolve the problem. If anyone else is using version 9 of AOL in the UK can they tell me why the three news stories which usually revolve one after the other are not working - they have not been working since yeterday afternoon yet they were fine in the morning. Yesterday AOL said it was something they were working on but this morning say they have amended the error yet I am still not getting the news. It's just annoying that I have a large white space where the pictures are meant to be. These news revolves are usually underneath the main static picture they have on their frontpage. It would be helpful if one or more) of you guys with all the techie knowledge knew what was causing it.

Thanks in advance.

  Shas 12:10 13 Jul 2004

No problem here. I have a static picture at the top offering a break from your mortgage, and underneath the stories revolve with between a change in Knighthoods, Big Brother and Wayne Rooney.

  Graham ® 12:18 13 Jul 2004

OK here.

  stlucia 12:21 13 Jul 2004

Have you refreshed since you had the problem? Maybe your PC is still displaying an old page.

  Djohn 12:25 13 Jul 2004

Also try properties of IE and clear your temp files, reboot and log on again.

  carolineann 12:25 13 Jul 2004

all fine and normal here.

  BlackSapphire 12:39 13 Jul 2004

Hi guys, sorry meant to say I've done all I can - rebooted, cleared the browser cache, cleared the cookies, everything but nithing resolves the issue. Anyone got any ideas how to fix it? or where I can go to get help (AOL are not much help)

  stlucia 13:06 13 Jul 2004

You could try AOL again; my experience of them is that it's hit-and-miss whether you get connected to someone who knows what he's talking about. You may be luckier next time.

  BlackSapphire 14:04 13 Jul 2004

Hi StLucia and everyone else who replied. That is so true about the AOL staff! It seems to have resolved itself as its working now - perhaps they were working on it after all, strange though why some had access to it and I didn't - ah well ...

Thanks again, take care all.

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