AOL 9. Email management (filing cabinette)

  Bertt 11:20 12 May 2004

I have returned to 8 because emails saved to a folder in the filing cabinette, now called My PC or manage emails, are not saved in any logical order. I require date order for emails I expect a response to so 9 is no good for me.

If you find this annoying please bombard AOL with compaints about this and also the fact that the folder window can not be scrolled with the mouse scroll wheel. Complain using the keyword 'Suggestion'

  Shas 11:37 12 May 2004

Perhaps it's just a blip in your software - I have AOL9 and my incoming emails are stored in latest date order, unless I alter them with the little arrow alongside the word 'date' . Or maybe I'm not understanding your problem correctly?

  carolineann 11:59 12 May 2004


I too have AOL (9). All my e-mail stored in date order same as Shas. Do find, like you that I am unable to scroll though.

  Shas 12:14 12 May 2004

I must have been really lucky with my copy of 9 because I have no trouble with scrolling either. I have individual folders within my main Incoming/Saved folder (ie family, work, other etc) and I can highlight any folder in the left hand pane and then without even having to move the mouse across to the list on right, can scroll through the individual messages in that folder.
This must be a first - it's usually me who gets a duff copy of anything!

  Bertt 12:19 12 May 2004

Yes. all incoming and outgoing email is listed in date order in the folders which come as part of the software but, if you create other folders of your own, which I do to store by topic or a list of those that I expect a reply to, and then save a copy to those folders, they are not saved in those folders in date order. The last copy might be in the middle of the list. Previous versions of AOL saved them in perfect date order in all folders.

Also, this is the first instance I have come across where a list of folders cannot be scrolled through using the scroll wheel. this must be a bug.

AOL Chat Line acknowledged the fact of the above and told me that the only way to complain was to use the Keyword 'Suggest' I have done this and ask any of you who find these features undesirable to do the same so that they take notice and ensure future versions are corrected.

  Shas 12:30 12 May 2004

I do wonder again if you have faulty software. Have just tried what you commented on and in each case when I moved an email from the main incoming/saved list to it's individual folder it was saved in latest date order. I even tried to fool it by moving an older email after a newer one, and each time it put the mail in the correct place datewise. ?

  Bertt 12:55 12 May 2004

My folders are not sub folders in the 'saved on my PC incoming and sent folders but seperate folders in which I can save copies of both sent and received emails and these are not saved in date order.

If I understand you correctly, you have two folders for 'family', one in incoming and one in outgoing folders. I have both in and out in one folder which is not a sub folder but is a main folder under the 'Saved on my PC' heading. They were all saved in date order in previous versions but not in 9.

I had not realised that the email list was scrolled as you say. I just clicked on the list and scrolled it but could not scroll the folder list. I now see why they have done this and like it. Thank you for this information.

  Shas 13:03 12 May 2004

" ...... if I understand you correctly, you store your 'family' incoming and 'family' outgoing in seperate folders within the general incoming and outgoing folders."

Yes, that's right and yes they do store in date order.

As a test, I created a new folder in Saved on My PC, so that now reads "Incoming/Saved Email"; "Email Waiting to be Sent"; "Email You've Sent" and my new one which I've called "Test". I then moved various emails from the main Incoming/Saved list to this new folder, and they too saved in latest date order, regardless of the order in which I moved them.

(I may have confused things regarding the scrolling however, I can only scroll if the right hand pane is full and would have had to use the slide bar. If the pane is only half full, then it does not scroll).

  Bertt 13:17 12 May 2004


Thanks for that. As I said, I like to have all emails on a topic, in and out, in the same folder. You have saved only incoming emails to your test folder. Please save some outgoing emails to that test folder and let me know what the result is then.

That's normal for scrolling but your previous reply has explained why we cannot scroll the left hand pane. I had not realised it scrolled the right hand pane as you describe. Thank you for enlightening me.

  Shas 13:40 12 May 2004


I did what you asked and I think I understand now what you cannot get it to do. I found that it saves incoming together in one block, in date order and then in a block underneath them are saved the outgoing, again in date order so the oldest incoming date was above the newest outgoing one. Make sense?

  Bertt 14:16 12 May 2004

Yes, except that they are only in blocks because that is the order in which you saved them. If you save in and out randomly they are listed randomely. It's most confusing. The point is that, in 8, they are all in date order which makes searching through them for revue much easier.

If, as a result of this discussion, you agree with me that the former method is desirable, please make this known to AOL by using the keyword system as described earlier.

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