eccomputers 19:25 25 Mar 2003

yes I did say AOL, I know it isnt any good but a customer of mine upgraded to version 7 from 6 on her computer. She made a real hash of it and she even deleted the whole folder and reinstalled.
Before doing this, she rightfully backed up the backup folder which holds her personal filing cabinet. The problem is it comes up with error messages when trying to restore it. Does anyone know why this would be or where I can look for help without logging into aol?

Many thanks

  Djohn 19:31 25 Mar 2003

It would have been better to upgrade first, then delete the older version, the new one goes on as a separate program.

Maybe the back-up is trying to find aol5, which no longer exist. Delete this file as all info. is held on the server and automatically carries over to new versions.

There is no need to save any settings/favourites/address book, or e-mail> J.

  Djohn 19:34 25 Mar 2003

That should be from 6 to 7. J.

  logoff 19:34 25 Mar 2003

Suggest try the free helpline-they should be able to guide you through restoring the pfc and addressbook data

  eccomputers 20:32 25 Mar 2003

when you say all info is held on the server, do you mean there is a copy of the address book etc on the aol server? How exactly do you recover this?

Thank you

  Djohn 21:31 25 Mar 2003

I have just been on to the on-line help agent, and they have informed me that in aol 6 and 7 only your settings and favourites are held on the server.

As I am using aol 8 it has different features, some of those are as I mentioned above. Another feature is that if your connection is dropped, you still stay on the website you are using, while aol automatically re-connects you.

This has happened to me a couple of times while I have been answering a question in the forum, and I can even carry on typing into the message box, while being re-connected. Sorry for any confusion. J.

  Djohn 21:45 25 Mar 2003

Because you have a copy of the PFC, then you have not lost the information anyway. If you give aol a ring. (Free) they will talk you through the restore, which can be done offline. J.

  Mango Grummit 21:58 25 Mar 2003

Your favourites and PFC is held in the "organise" folder within the AOL programme. I always back this folder up as part of my normal backup routine.

Strange thing -- I posted this once a few minutes ago and saw it here but it disappeared.

  Djohn 21:59 25 Mar 2003

Just received this from AOL, hope it is of help to you. J.

Restoring BackUp Files
- Sign on to AOL once before restoring backup files.
- Close AOL completely by clicking the X at the top right hand side of your screen.
- On the desktop you should have the Organise folder that you saved.
- Highlight this folder, right click on it and left click on the word Copy.
- Now double click on the My Computer icon then double click on the C:\ drive (or whatever drive you installed AOL onto).
- In the C drive double click on the AOL folder.

(Note for AOL 7 users: When you open the contents of the C:\ drive look for a folder called Program Files. The AOL 7.0 folder will be located here.)

- Click on Edit at the top of the screen and then Paste.
- When the message "This folder already contains a folder called...." appears click Yes to replace the file.

Repeat steps for Restoring BackUp files but this time use the Download folder instead of the organise folder.

  bpzoom 23:33 25 Mar 2003

Djohn, Did you say you are using AOL version 8? Is that a new release, I thought AOL 7 or 7a was the current version ?

  bpzoom 23:41 25 Mar 2003

Sorry Djohn, oops I just saw the earlier thread on version 8. I will wait patiently for it

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