AOL 8 problems

  corry 12:10 03 Jan 2004

I have loaded the new AOL8 programme and ever since I have had nothing but problems with my computer crashing and trouble logging on. Am I th only one. Also can somebody tell me why Aol loads straight away and insists I log on. This is driving me mad as sometimes I just want to do some word processing.

  Valen 12:20 03 Jan 2004

I tell you I would never touch AOL again they are always trouble right from 3 - 4 years ao before broadband was the way to go. Their set up is so confusing too many windows and crashes all the time.
remove it and go with someone else their is plenty to choose from. Go to add remove programme. You may have to phone aol which I believe is free any way for your problem if you want to keep it. Also you used to have to phone them to get it off your pc completely if the add remove doesn't.
But add remove should be ok. That is just my opinion and I know others that think the same.

  Djohn 13:00 03 Jan 2004

Although I'm no longer with AOL, they are an excellent ISP and there software is very stable if loaded correctly. Most of the time crashes with the software are actually a faulty install of IE6. This is the browser that AOL uses to interface with the web.

Unfortunately I can't check for you at the moment, but during the install of AOL your given the choice of the browser loading at start-up and this is what is happening with yours. It can be altered so that the browser only opens when you click on the AOL Icon yourself.

If one of the many forum users of AOL see this thread they will explain how to disable this function, until then you can click on the help button and look for "Auto-Start"

As to the trouble logging on, if you go to keyword "Best number" and follow the instructions the best three numbers for your area will be downloaded and set in your dial-up folder. This should cure any log-on delays.

Which version of windows are you using? and was this a clean install of AOL8 or an upgrade from version 7?

You also may have a corrupt version of your folder. To clear this go to start/search and type in the search box.

All folders/files that are found. [May be just the one] delete it, AOL will rebuild it for you next time you log on. Give the above a try and please post back if no better. Someone will offer further advice and guide you through several options so that your system is running as smooth as silk. j.

  corry 13:54 03 Jan 2004

Thank you Djohn I have gone into the Aol auto start and checked and I have already clicked on do not start automaticaly and it is still doing it. I have also searched for global org and deleted that so it is only the auto start hopefully that will drive me nuts. And it was an upgrade from aol 7. I will see how I get on

  Djohn 14:14 03 Jan 2004

Well that's a start, and may help. If you go to start/run and in the window that appears type.


Then click OK this will bring up your start menu, have a look if AOL is listed in there and if so, remove the tick from the box. Also if AOL is showing in your sys. tray [Lower right of taskbar near the clock].

Right click on the Icon and close it down. You may be asked if you want it to show next time you boot, say no. This should stop AOL from loading each time you restart your PC and you then just click on the desktop shortcut when you wish to log on.

If you are still having problems obtaining a first time connection, post back to this thread and we will try a few more tips. j.

  gold 47 14:45 03 Jan 2004

I have never had a problem with AOL running version8 broadband on WXP and W98 you can change the AOL log on by clicking the the AOL icon on the right side of the toolbar try reinstalling after you have uninstalled do a search for any remaining AOL files delete these reboot again and then reinstall disable your antivirus.

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