AOL 8 now available

  graham√ 13:07 09 May 2003

Just downloaded AOL 8. First thing I notice is the Pop-Up stopper on the status bar, it gives a running total on the number stopped. How cool is that?

  Mango Grummit 13:33 09 May 2003

Hi matey, tell me please do you install the download manually or does it auto-update? Reason I ask is I run 5 systems over three machines and don't relish five downloads, would rather wait for promised disc!

  graham√ 13:45 09 May 2003

You have to click a few Next's and choose a few options, quite painless and idiot-proof. Takes 15 mins on B/B, 2 hours on 56k!

  Mango Grummit 13:56 09 May 2003

Thanks G, will do it later .. people just turned up begging me to go to the pub. They prolly got no money!


  Djohn 15:16 09 May 2003

As you know, I am also a big fan of aol, and was with them for over a year, (Only changed ISP's this week). The reason for change is more to do with compatibility to the help I will be giving to our scheme over the next year, than any other reason.

One of the benefits of aol 8 is that when you are writing a message in the box below, get almost to the end, then the line drops! No more worry for you and other aol users, just carry on typing, (Yes your display stays there)and aol will redial and reconnect you right back to the point of disconnection.

In fact, if like me you tend to look at the keyboard while typing, with the occasional glance at the screen,then the only way you realise that the line has dropped is when you hear the modem re-dialling.

Also check your e-mail and you will see a new button for reporting "Spam". Any that dose get through, instead of deleting, click on the spam button, and you will see a message. "This sender is blocked, you will receive no more messages from this address".

Have fun with the new browser, have a good look round, there are many new features to play with and make your on-line time enjoyable. Regards. J.

  ch0pper 15:23 09 May 2003

well, I d/l it this morning.

what do I think?


  graham√ 15:51 09 May 2003

Thanks, you had the trial version, I take it.

One glitch up to now, PC will not respond to standby button with AOL open, with AOL closed I get 'preparing to standby' and then freeze.

  The Spires 16:02 09 May 2003

I don't use AOL but the ones on here that do all seem pleased with the service, it seems fasionable to knock AOL without real justification.

  Djohn 16:35 09 May 2003

Yes I was on the beta team, think I did 6 downloads for new versions, (56k modem) 3 hours each time! :o(

And two updates from CD's. Have now changed to Freeserve, and though I have never had a bad word to say about AOL, excellent provider! I must say that my first three days with new ISP have been very good.

At first I had a couple of problems setting up IE. and O/Look express, gave Freeserve a call, 50p per min. only stayed on line for 6 minutes, then they called me back on my mobile, spending some 35 minutes trying to solve the problem.

It turned out to be a faulty F/S CD. They talked me through a manual set-up of browser and e-mail progs. credited my account with £16 and called me back at 10 PM that evening to check everything was working fine.

That was the first day, they then phoned the following day to double check I was satisfied everything was working ok, and all this was from the offer they where doing. £6.99 per month for the first three months. To cap it all off I then received an e-mail from BT. Our exchange goes B/B 1st. July. Very happy at the mo. ;o)

  graham√ 17:54 09 May 2003

For information, standby now OK after re-start. I thought it had the dreaded Lurgy!

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