AOL 8 keeps freezing

  Southernboy 00:10 01 Feb 2004

Several times this week I have logged on and after a few moments, the whole thing stops. Clicking on any site address, the AOL logo rotates once and then stops dead, leaving the hour-glass cursor just sitting there. No problem in exiting, so it seems that AOL is the problem.

Restarting the PC seems to solve the problem, but everything still remains slow. It is getting to be a pain to have to keep restarting the PC.

Anyone else found this problem?

  feb 00:29 01 Feb 2004

Hi Southernboy
Can't say for sure, but try checking your phone numbers, settings>AOL access phone numbers. Failing that save everything of importance, Delete AOL & re-install

  Djohn 01:10 01 Feb 2004

Hi Southernboy, couple of things to try. Start/search and look for files. These may be corrupt, delete them and AOL will rebuild the folder on logging back on. also try the following.

Bring up the AOL desktop, but don't sign on. Go to tools/preferences, then Fonts/text/graphics. You will see a small box with the number 40 in it. Reduce this to 5 save and exit back to the AOL desktop.

Close the AOL desktop and reboot the PC. Bring up the AOL desktop and do as above, but increase the number back to 40 save and exit to the desktop. Close down the AOL desktop then re-open and log on. This will re-build the graphics and should be OK. j.

  Djohn 01:12 01 Feb 2004

Above should be. Tools/settings/preferences.

  The Sack 01:23 01 Feb 2004

Dont use the AOL (providing you are on AOL DSL)

1. Uninstall your current AOL BB software.

2. Go into - device manager>network adaptors and uninstall your WAN adaptor.

3. Un-install your ADSL modem from your programs list.

4a. Reboot with your modem unplugged
b. Install modem drivers
c. Plug in modem when asked let it install the modem

5. Go into - control panel>Network connections>Double click on BT voyager, enter your [email protected] and password (note it must be shorter than 8 charactors)

6.Connect and Bingo no more AOL browser

For email use keyword: IMAP (before you uninstall) and if you use a router you can have the AOL software on and just ignore it, just open your browser of choice.

If you are a dial up user AOL9 supports connecting AOL with out the software so become a beta tester for AOL 9

  Southernboy 21:16 02 Feb 2004

Sorry, I don't understand a word of what you say - far too technical for a poor old boy.

  Southernboy 21:18 02 Feb 2004

Could this be down to the MyDoom virus? I read that it is clogging up the internet.

Things are a little quicker today, but not as quick as they have been.

  Southernboy 15:23 06 Apr 2005

no replies

  mattyc_92 16:10 06 Apr 2005

The Sack means that you don't have to use the AOL software if you are using BB.... I do this, just click onto your modem's name (from the connect to option in the Start menu...)

Then just type in your username (AOL screenname, but with at the end, e.g. [email protected]) and then type in your password, then click onto "dial".... wait for around 5 seconds and you will recieve a notice from the system tray saying that you now have a connection open....

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