**** AOL 7 users **** Look at this for answers!!

  AudioVic' 02:03 09 Apr 2003

Found this on ZDnet.

Could be your questions answered on AOL problems, etc.

I hope it helps you all!!

click here

  MAJ 02:17 09 Apr 2003

My solution for AOL problems is the Delete key. So far 100% success rate.

  AudioVic' 02:22 09 Apr 2003

but for AOL 7 format and fdisk recomended for complete clearance.

All the best to you!

  MAJ 02:41 09 Apr 2003

Sometimes it's takes such drastic action, AudioVic'.

Some of my personal rules for trouble free computing:

1. Uninstall AOL.

2. Bin IBM hard drives.

3. Don't use CDRW disks.

4. Uninstall the Norton doctor thingy.

5. Dump PC-Cillin.

6. It's late......... time for bed and another tablet.

all the best back at ya, AudioVic'. ;-)

  AudioVic' 02:51 09 Apr 2003

Sell it to the first mug that comes along and buy some books, a tv and radio/cd/cassette player.

Goodbye to all pc prob's lol

All the best and goodnight to you too Maj

  STEVE71163 07:26 09 Apr 2003

For every ten problems with aol you will probably get 100 people that are really pleased with the service the same as any of the others. I for one have been with aol for the last 2 years (broadband sice 11/02) and am really pleased with their service.

  Offline 08:24 09 Apr 2003

Burn all Norton/Symantec disks at midnight preferably with a priest present.

  Diemmess 09:16 09 Apr 2003

I'm with STEVE1163........
and with Aol longer than he has been!

You love it or hate it......... The haters are quick to damn it all the way.

I notice though that the majority of problems on this site seem to be more to do with Internet explorer.

Somehow Aol manages to keep better control.

Like all office technology a lot of time is spent learning the rules and not easy to change a working habit once the "staff" is used to it.

  colberly 10:17 09 Apr 2003

You know I do wish people would stop knocking AOL. You pays your money and you makes your choice. I have been with them for over 4 years and the only problems were at the beginning due to my own inexperience. All were sorted. In the past I have deleted and reinstalled with no further problem. I have been with other ISP's and had problems which is why I have continued to use AOL. I have found that with most software any problems have been usually my own fault and possible stupidity. Once everything has been sorted with help very often from advice on here the problems disappear.

  Mango Grummit 10:41 09 Apr 2003

I agree with you absolutely. It's a shame that some people have a need to knock and quite often about things of which they have only a scant knowlege. They seem pick up on a theme and join in just acquire a feeling of belonging I think.

Becoming a critic is the easiest thing in the world. No training required!

Who shall we flame today? Bill Gates, AOL, Windows Me, PCA. I use the services/products of all these and so do millions of others and for me they are good but a whispered (considered) opinion often goes un-noticed compared to loud rant!

  Muzziad 11:58 09 Apr 2003

I think with AOL alot of it is down to techie snobbery. AOL are seen as a service for 'noobs' (a term i detest btw). Excuse me but isn't everyone new to something to start with?

I have been with AOL for over 6 years and have always found their service to be very good. I have no real need for their service as I have NTL BB, it's just that over the years I have built up a very large address book with my AOL screenname, and also I am rather heavily involved in a particular AOL community.

The customer and tech support is excellent, not that i've had to use it very much at all, even in the early days. Their BB package is competitively priced, as is there dial up now that everyone else has upped their prices. With their AOL only content, other features and free support I think they offer a good package.

When their Cable BB deal with NTL is finalised I know which one I am going to ditch and it ain't AOL (okay technically I will still be Cable connecting thru NTL but you know what I mean).

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