aol 4156.911

  alan2k1 14:13 09 Nov 2005

however i try to install aol 9 cd or download i get and error message 4156.911a client version has encountered a problem and needs to close

this is a brand new install of xp pro

any ideas

thanks alan

  flyingbrit 15:34 09 Nov 2005

SameerRaven: Welcome to Member Help Interactive. Please present your question, and I will be with you in just a moment. :)
SameerRaven: Thank you for calling in to Live Help!! I may be with some other members at the moment, please state your query and I will be with you as soon as possible :-)
SameerRaven: Hi! How may I help you today?
jplummer: can you tell me(for a friend) what this means when trying to install aol 9... 4156.911a client version has encountered a problem and needs to close
SameerRaven: ok
jplummer: he is running a new install of xp pro
SameerRaven: ok
SameerRaven: If i understand the issue correctly then your friend in unable to login to the internet is that correct?
jplummer: yes
SameerRaven: ok
SameerRaven: Can i please know the version of AOL and windows that your friend has?
jplummer: aol 9 and xp pro
SameerRaven: ok
SameerRaven: I would like to inform you that this error occours when some of the AOL files have gone corrupt
SameerRaven: I would suggest that to resolve the issue
SameerRaven: Please uninstall and reinstall AOL on the system
SameerRaven: but
SameerRaven: remember to backup the files that are already on the system.
SameerRaven: I have an e-mail designed specificially for that problem. I'll send that to you immediately. Follow the instructions in that e-mail and if you have any further problems then please do come back to us.
jplummer: thankyou
I'll send it to you whenI get it.....britsdad

  flyingbrit 15:42 09 Nov 2005

The e-mail was too big for here so I took the liberty of e-mailing it to you(hope you don't mind)hope it helps....britsdad

  alan2k1 15:45 09 Nov 2005

thanks for that but aol is not installed as soon as you put the disk in and it auto runs this fault occurs so i dont ever get to the screen to allow me to attempt to install aol exactly the same thing occurs when i download aol 9 from aol

thanks alan

  flyingbrit 15:50 09 Nov 2005

did you get the e-mails?

  flyingbrit 15:52 09 Nov 2005

have you had aol on before,after you re-installed xp?

  alan2k1 15:57 09 Nov 2005

yer go email thanks

no aol has never been on its a clean install xp pro sp2

  flyingbrit 16:05 09 Nov 2005

can't think of any reason why aol won't load....unless there is a problem with your pc. You could try an earlier version, 8 then update it if it works, that's what I did(but I never had a problem).Other than that I don't know.

  alan2k1 16:08 09 Nov 2005

hi thanks 4 your help

  flyingbrit 16:22 09 Nov 2005

no worries

  Diemmess 16:38 09 Nov 2005

Just for the record..... "a clean install xp pro sp2 "?

You do mean a new HDisk, from scratch, not an upgrade to XP from an earlier version of Windows?

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